Roger Hamilton – OL


HT: 6’2″
WT: 325
GPA: 2.6
Class: 2017
Squat: 485
Bench: 350
Power Clean: 225

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

My speed and quickness off the ball,my size, and I’m very dedicated. I don’t label myself as a loser and I never give up. I can fight through the pain.

Hamilton is slotted to play offensive tackle this year at McNair. He is quick of the ball and really explodes out of his stance. Was really impressed with his leg drive and how keeps his back flat when blocking. On pass blocking he shows an a quick kick-step but we need more film to really evaluate that part of his game. He needs to improve his flexibility, especially at the hips, and his power clean reflects that. Hamilton is a tough player, who seems to really thrive in the trenches and his tree-trunks for legs can move the biggest of lineman.


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