Parker Brogdon – C


OFFERS: Greensboro College, Friends & Culver-Stockton

HT: 6’2″
WT: 310
GPA: 3.5
Class: 2019

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

Offensive lineman don’t really have stats; however, I’m undefeated in board drills at one of the #1 7A high schools in Georgia. I’ve been invited to play in the Elite Junior Classic All-Star game. I’m an Academic Viking, and I plan to achieve my goal of becoming an anesthesiologist in the future.

Brogdon didn’t play much on the senior heavy team in 2017, but his patience has paid dividends playing one on of the better teams in the state of Georgia. Earlier in HS, the 2019 recruit played at Valwood, and shows some solid film for a sophomore. He is a wide body for sure, and shows fairly light feet as well. I like his frame overall, seems to have wide shoulders. Brogdon plays with a good bit of fire to him. He finished in the Top 5 of the first MVP during this offseason. SR year Brogdon has been part of one of the best offensive lines in the state of Georgia. You got to like the leverage he is playing with, the 2019 recruit gets out his stance quickly and gets underneath the pads of the defender. Incredible back-arch while blocking – almost textbook in some situations and that was a concern heading into this season. There has been some tremendous progress made in hip flexibility and strength. I’m very impressed with the 2019 center at this point, he has very solid senior film where he is just railroading defenders off track and eventually into the turf.




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