Navy Curry – QB
Athens Christian


HT: 6’1″
WT: 170
GPA: 3.59
Class: 2023
40: 4.5
Shuttle: 4.05
Vertical: 30″
Squat: 315
Bench: 205
Power Clean: 205

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

I’m a vessel of God and my athleticism is through the roof. I take my education extremely seriously, and my passion and love for the game are what drive me to greatness.

Curry is a natural with the ball in his hands, and shows the creativity to make things happen. He can read the open field really well and just shows an excellent feel at reading the ball carrier. Whether he is on defense or offense, Curry shows excellent reactions, moving much quicker than his teammates. He plays safety a lot on defense and has pretty good tackling. He’s always been light, and only added 20 or so lbs. since he got to HS. I think this is the year to really pack on the weight and become more explosive. Curry is a hard worker with solid upside but we want to see him take that jump and get a lot closer to 180 by the time he is a senior. At 6′, that shouldn’t be a problem.



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