Mbiti Williams Jr – CB


OFFERS: Florida State & Tennessee State

HT: 5’10”
WT: 165
Class: 2020
GPA: 3.81

Mbiti ended up with a few super early offers, but his recruitment has relatively gone quiet since then. It’s not fault of his own, and last year he played extremely well at CB. He does such a good job of playing the football and leveraging the wide receiver so that he is redirected off the football. It’s a lot of subtle parts to his game, but you can see that little wasted steps taken early on by the young 2020 corner back. he doesn’t have incredible size, but still does a suitable job of making tackles in the open field. Williams is very good at timing his break ups, he uses every inch of his 5’10” frame to make a few breakups. He plays well with his eyes too, and reacts very quickly to the football. As a freshman he had a nice impact as a slot receiver/returnman, so it will be interesting to see if he gets any reps this fall or just focuses exclusively on D. Either way, Williams might not have incredible size, but his combination of speed & skill should earn him plenty of FBS offers at the end of the day.


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