Jordan Bride – ATH


HT: 5’10”
WT: 170
GPA: 3.7
Class: 2024

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

My ability to lead by my work ethic

Bride had an older brother who was an All-State athlete out of GAC, and was one of the more versatile players you could find in the state back in the day. Bam Bam jumps into the fray with a more interesting high school career. His senior year will be the 4th HS in as many years. Last year he was at Alexander where he was playing field corner and some receiver too. Bride has pretty good quickness, but where he really catches your eye is his top-end acceleration into his sprint. Bride can cover space. At maybe 5’10” and around 170 lbs. Bride better move fast, and luckily he does. Bride looks to be more of a CB prospect at the next level. He’s a solid receiver for sure, and has shown excellent hands while under heavy coverage. He snagged several interceptions last year where his positional awareness and general quickness put him at the right spot. Bride will definitely be showcased at Walton next year as a two-way threat, similar to Ayden Jackson, who earned All-State on our site in 2022. Bride has some of that ‘it’ factor, but how will he impact 7A Walton, a team that is looking for their first state title, now that is a good question? The spotlight will certainly be on him more than ever. Given his smaller stature, that should allow the 2024 defensive back to really showcase what he can do on offense, an area that fits his frame better than CB to be truthful.



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