Jonathan Sewell – RB
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HT: 5'11″
WT: 182
GPA: 2.5
Class: 2019
40: 4.4
Squat: 315
Bench: 200

Sewell has good acceleration when he hits a hole. A lot of times it looks like the defender has a beat on the class of 19 back but some fancy footwork leaves them grasping for air. He runs with good pad level and his initial burst in the first 10 yards is excellent. Sewell has been a starter every year of HS, and is one of the top running backs in the state of Georgia. Both sophomore and junior year he rushed for over 1000 yards and average 8 yards per carry. Sewell can make a lot happen on his own, and just seems to have a natural grasp at reading defenders in the open filed and make the proper cut backs. I would like see him run with a little better pad level, and at times he gets too upright for my taste. Can have a big impact in the passing game I think for a team that throws the ball a lot out of the backfield. Sewell was a naturally big kid when he first signed up as a freshman, and though he has not grown much in height, he’s filled out his frame, and has turned into more of all-around back instead of an APB like we first thought.

2017 STATS: 1100 yards, 8 ypc, & 11 TD’s
2016 STATS: 1042 yards, 8.1 ypc, and 10 TD’s



What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

I’m a leader and team player who doesn’t stop until the job is done. Team comes first and I do what’s best for them. I’m a hard worker both on and off the field because I know the importance of great academics along with great athletic skills. My academics come first because I know that is what will take care of me after football. I play the game because I enjoy it and I appreciate what it teaches me.



  1. Reply Post By Ethan

    Sewell is the best rb in the state for 2019 and mos def one of the top country, no backs are as balanced as he is, amazing combination of power and speed, ridiculous athlete, should have multiple d1 offers for major programs by the time his recruiting process is over

  2. Reply Post By Ethan

    He had one of the top seasons for rbs in the state of ga last year as a freshman while splitting carries with a 4 STAR DIVISION 1 RUNNING BACK. This kid is an absolute animal and one of the best players I have ever seen play. Point blank. Great leader

  3. Reply Post By Kirby Smart

    Top player in nation for 2019

  4. Reply Post By Maul

    When he’s a senior he will easily be one of the best rbs in the state

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