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OFFERS: Kent State, UT-Chattanooga, Mercer, Ball State, Tennessee Tech, Navy, Georgia State & Georgia Southern

HT: 6'
WT: 182
GPA: 3.85
Class: 2019
40: 4.57
Shuttle: 4.33
Vertical: 38″
Squat: 335
Bench: 250
Power Clean: 235

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

Academics are no problem and I will be attending college next year as a junior in highschool. I have a very level attitude and I work well with others. I take not one play off the entire game. I'm a natural leader and simply I love doing what I do best, playing football. It seems it takes a lot off my mind I go through.

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Singletary eats, sleeps, and drinks football. Put him out there on the field, play him at any position reasonable to his size, and watch him make plays. Some players just have knack of understanding angles and Singletary seems to be one. He reads the plays so well and does not slow down when contact is imminent, if anything he speeds up! Another aspect to his game is the explosive nature in which he tackles. The 2019 athlete just attacks the ball carrier square in the numbers performing a textbook tackle. He also shows elite ball skills going up for grabs which is in large part attributed to track the ball perfectly. Singletary is a no-doubt FBS football player and his new film is a must-watch for any P5 coach. Junior year he was sidelined for majority of the season and has slowed down his recruitment, but still has a few early offers from local FBS colleges.





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    Best Athlete I’ve Ever seen

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    This guy will be a great asset on any team.

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    Boy been at is since he was a freshman!

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    You should see this kid with your own eyes

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    Awesome Athlete……Awesome.

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    Awesome Athlete.

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