Garland Benyard – OLB
Irwin Co.


HT: 6’2″
WT: 185
GPA: 92.25
Class: 2021
40: 4.6
Squat: 385
Bench: 215
Power Clean: 315

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

Being humble and keeping up with my grades

Just like all of the Benyard bro’s that we have scouted thru the years, Gabriel is a play-maker who shows excellent open field awareness and is excellent at surveying the field on either side of the football. Gabriel is a few inches shorter than his twin brother at 5’11”, but weighs nearly the same at 185 lbs., and has solid weight lifting numbers across the board. On offense, Gabriel mostly lined up at RB, which isn’t too much of a surprise knowing that Irwin’s bread and butter is rushing the football, but he also displays good hands as a receiver. He finds creases to run through, pretty slippery athlete with nice balance, and in the state title game against Clinch he did break off a long touchdown. Benyard is just a good all-around football player, he has a nice looking running stride, and more than anything, he just makes plays. If you make it to about halfway thru his May update to his junior highlights, and you will see the quick athlete look fantastic at DB. That’s not a surprise, Gabriel made our All-State team in 2019 at DB; he shows excellent ball skills on a few interceptions and looks even better tackling the middle of the field. He has a penchant of separating the football away from the ball carrier and just creating turnovers. Overall, it looks like Benyard is one of the more slept on two-way players in the state, and personally, I think more FBS programs should take interest.



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