Demetrius Owens – RB
Toombs Co.


HT: 5’9″
WT: 185
GPA: 3.0
Class: 2019
Squat: 465
Bench: 295
Power Clean: 265

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

I reach for greatness and if I can’t reach it, I work twice as hard to reach it.

Owens is a tough compact running back prospect who was a backup primarily last year getting carries behind a 1000 yard rusher. If he was not taking carries into the backfield, he was making tackles from his SS spot. What I like about Owens is the energy he plays the game with. He doesn’t have great speed, but as soon the ball is snapped he goes 100 MPH. His agility is pretty good, and he can make nice cuts at the 2nd level to get additional yardage. No doubt Owens was a major playmaker for his squad, which had one of their best seasons in recent memory and made the playoffs too. As a defender he is a very physical tackler, and will take on players of any size. Owens is one of tougher players we have scouted, and as expected he is having a really good senior year. His toughness can grind a defense down, not something to underestimate.


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