Cam Stewart – SS
Houston Co.


HT: 6’1″
WT: 190
GPA: 3.6
Class: 2021

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

80 tackles, 2 int’s, 2 FF, 2 FR’s

Stewart has good size at 6’1″ and 190 lbs, and couple that with his fiery level of play and you have a very solid SS prospect. He does a pretty good job of reading the play, making several long runs in order to pick off a deep pass. The 2021 recruit is plays well in pass coverage and gets good depth. He is pretty strong player, so has the ability to man up against bigger receivers, especially TE’s. He keeps his pads parallel to the LOS and moves pretty well laterally. Tackling is solid with good impact but need to see more in terms of wrapping up in the thighs and also would like to see him show choppy feet settling into his tackle attempt. Stewart is a solid college recruit for sure, and should be well on his way to being over 210 lbs. in the college level. Working on hip rotation and taking better pursuit angles are few key areas to improve, but I like the upside of the powerful defender. Couple that with above average coverage skills and I think he should peak some D1 school’s interest.



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