Bridger Jones – P


HT: 5’11”
WT: 175
GPA: 4.52
SAT: 1420
Class: 2022
40: 4.6
Squat: 365
Bench: 235

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

5/9 on FG long of 42 – 26/34 for TB on KO Long of 72 Avg of 64.4 – 50/52 on PATs – 39.4 yd Punt Avg Long of 60 – (Career stats)

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Jones is a springy athlete for a kicker and no coincidence he averages 80% of his kickoffs to be touchbacks. Unfortunately the camera man didn’t exactly get many of these kicks on film, but did a good job of filming the players running downfield. Jones does get good height on the kicks we have seen. His power is definitely an asset, and it looks like his upside is the greatest as a punter where his hangtime of +4 seconds makes a big difference. I like the velocity off the football coming off his foot. In general, there is a lot to like about Jones, but would hope to see the film be a little more panned out on his kickoffs in 2021.



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