Middleton Making A Jump This Offseason

If you head down to Savannah, Georgia, ask the locals about high-character athletes. They will proudly talk up Jenkins High School student Javonte Middleton. The 2018 quarterback has a competitive spirit, all while playing the game with integrity and outstanding sportsmanship. 

All of those qualities and more were on display last fall against Pierce County. Even though Jenkins lost narrowly 64-62 in triple overtime, Middleton had an epic game, throwing seven touchdown passes on only 22 attempts. His efforts tied him third all-time in Georgia for touchdown passes in a single game and got him enough ink in the local papers that it would make an octopus jealous. 

CegSG67WAAAWIqJThe rising junior has been busy this offseason refining his game, but he had enough time to share the latest news on his college recruitment.  

“I’ve been speaking with a number of schools lately, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Northwestern, Kennesaw State, The Citadel, South Carolina State, LaGrange College and also Savannah State.”

Middleton let us know that two ACC schools currently lead the pack. “The schools that stand out the most in that bunch is Wake Forest, because my teammate Arkeem Byrd is signed there, and Georgia Tech because the A-backs coach (Lamar Owens) is from my city and played in the same little league organization I grew up playing with.”

However, there are two local schools he would like to hear from. “I haven’t heard anything from Georgia Southern nor UGA since the coaching staff changes, so I’ll be going to camps at those schools this summer for sure to rebuild my relationship with those two schools.”

Middleton spoke about what he is working on during this offseason. “The changes I’ve made to improve my game this off season is getting stronger & faster to improve as a runner.” He continued, “I have the ability to be mobile and run the football, but I haven’t displayed that much in my high school career thus far.” He ran 40 times of 4.6 and 4.55 at the ESPFC camp during last month.

The Jenkins student-athlete’s passion is playing quarterback, but he wants to keep his options wide open. “I’ve made the decision to open my recruitment up as an athlete. Rivals has me listed as an athlete and back in the Mark Richt era of UGA, I was being recruited by the Dawgs as a wide receiver. So improving as a runner will definitely allow doors for me to be recruited as an athlete to open.”

Middleton was the QB co-MVP at the ESPFC and from all accounts has made marked improvements in his passing. The young signal-caller does a great job of spreading it around to his teammates and stays cool when under pressure. 

This summer the 2018 quarterback plans to camp at Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Florida, UCF, Savannah State, South Carolina State and Georgia State. If you are interested in recruiting Javonte Middleton click HERE to view his profile. 



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