Lashley the Laser

Joemeré Lashley is a 2021 recruit we have seen in various stints going back to his freshman year when he was getting early varsity reps at New Manchester. He’s now at nearby Alexander high school, but one aspect of his game that has remained consistent his top-end speed and confidence running upfield.

Those skills were showcased last Friday when the 2021 recruit was on special teams returning a kick. Catching the football inside the 5-yard line, Lashley had the entire football field ahead of him with 11 would-be tacklers in pursuit, if you count the kicker at least. Before you knew it, Lashley was 25 yards downfield. The return team was closing, but the 2021 recruit hit an extra gear and split through putting most of the coverage team in the rearview mirror. That’s when Lashley hit his 3rd gear, and went scorching the last 50 yards into the endzone, making for one of the most explosive plays of his high school career.

Shortly after last Friday’s game, Lashley made Georgia’s top 10 plays of the week, and 24 hours later he had made the top 3. Just reviewing that play one more, and it is hard to ignore the improvement in Lashley’s explosiveness. He’s always been fast, but over the last year, he has made another jump.

“My offseason was definitely different, I wasn’t sure if we were going to play but I found a way to work out and stay in some kind of shape. I improved on my route running the most and got more dedicated in the weight room.”

The added muscle has certainly played a huge role here for the 2021 recruit who models his game after DeAnthony Thomas and Elbert County high school legend and Kansas City Chiefs receiver Mecole Hardeman.

We are well into the season, but goals are still alive, and Lashley has one on his mind in particular.

“My goal is to make more of an impact in the rest of these upcoming games and go to the playoffs.”

On the recruiting front, Lashley is hearing from Western New Mexico and has no commitment planned out. Obviously, with the camp season being canceled, that has made a big impact for seniors, especially undersized players like Lashley who could benefit to showcase his speed and agility in a camp setting.

Nevertheless, we think Lashley is definitely underrecruited at the moment. There is no doubt in our mind that local programs should really be all over him. He’s a confident athlete who has 4 years of varsity experience under his belt and has the ability to break off big plays, plus he is continuing to improve as a slot receiver. Lashley should certainly see an uptick in his recruitment during the down stretch of the 2021 recruiting cycle, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest on the explosive playmaker and the rest of the players across the state of Georgia.


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