Lanky Lakeside QB Leaving It All on the Field


Lakeside High School in Atlanta made major strides last season under first year head coach Cam Jones, and one reason why was 2018 signal-caller Matthew Holt. The 6’5″ QB had a productive season and grabbed much needed experience after his first year as a varsity starter.

The offseason has been rather busy for Holt, so he broke down how everything went over the last several months. “My offseason was good. I played on the Cam Newton 7v7 team, which was an amazing experience.” He continued, “I went to the Mercer Camp, Champions Elite Camp in Lagrange, and Samford University.”

Holt went into the offseason determined on continuing his development as a quarterback, and to become a legit college recruit. He spoke about what he improved during the break and how big of an impact Cam Newton’s 7v7 team had on his skill set.

“I have made a major improvement from last fall. Working with Cam Newton has improved my technique, accuracy, and knowing where to go with the football. The team has a great showing of what true D1 talent looks like and being able to play with them was beneficial,” Holt concluded.

Obviously most college scouts will look at Holt and be impressed by his 6’5″ frame, which allows him to see the field better than most QB’s. That is a major advantage, and especially important in Lakeside’s quick-hitting spread offensive attack. Holt has good arm strength, and can air the ball out leading the receiver +50 yards down field no problem.

One area Holt doesn’t get enough credit for is his mobility. He shows light feet moving around in the pocket and does a great job of selling the mesh on the read-option. Norcross had one of the best defenses in Georgia last year and he ran for 58 yards on just 9 carries against them.

This fall he plans to attend games at Samford, Georgia State, West Georgia, Pikeville and hopefully a few more schools will open up as well. Heading into his final year of high school football, Holt has just a few simple goals he would like to achieve.

“My goals this fall is to lead my team to the playoffs and lead my region in passing yards, which I think is totally accomplishable.”

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