Lanier Co. Connection Set for Big Fall

Article Written by: Zane Rowland – Azalea City Sports

This is a two-part story. Part 1 will feature Rashod Brockington and Part 2 will feature Kish Wright. Both are Preseason All-State athletes. There is a quick ‘RG Take’ at the bottom too.

Part 1

Rashod Brockington is heading into his senior year for the Lanier County Bulldogs. He is hoping to find a state championship at the end of a very productive career in Lakeland, Georgia. And when I say productive, I do mean just that!

In his career, he has thrown all over defenses for nearly 4,000 yards passing. He has also tossed thirty-four touchdowns in his time as a Bulldog. Keeping defenses up at night, Rashod is a dual-threat guy who can also run around in the pocket and throw guys open.

He also has the ability to make guys miss and he has rushed for just under 1,200 yards for Lanier. Brockington has also added twenty-one rushing touchdowns.

At 5’10 185 pounds, he gives you a Kyler Murray feel with his size and abilities. When I reached out to his coach, Kurt Williams told me he would be a great kid to write on and I would agree.

Brockington is a very respectful young man and character certainly goes a long way. In the weight room, Brockington benches 235 pounds, as well as squats 420 pounds. Rashod has also been timed at running a 4.82 in the 40 yard dash.

When I asked him how he feels going into his senior season, he had great things to say. He told me, “I really feel as though we will shock a lot of people this year. Things around Lakeland are more positive in regards to the team than ever before. We have been putting in a ton of work as a team and I feel that it will show this season. We have so much more confidence in our abilities than a season ago. The team and staff has really come a long way. I feel we have a lot of confidence in our ability to stand out this season!”

Rashod is also taking care of business in the classroom, where it matters the most. He currently boasts a 3.3 GPA. Just in speaking with this young man and seeing how much the team improved in 2019 in comparison to other years, I feel they have the juice to really go far. Any time you have a great play-maker leading the charge, like Rashod, there is a recipe for success.

Part 2

Kish Wright is a standout playmaker for the Lanier County Bulldogs. Wright plays wideout and had a sensational sophomore campaign. The athletic playmaker hooked up with Rashod Brockington for nearly 500 yards last year on 46 catches. This impressive duo will be back at again in 2020, giving defenses fits all season.

The 5’10 160-pounder has been working hard in the weight room to bulk up. He said that he is squatting 400 pounds and he power cleans 225. He also boasts a 4.6 in the 40 yard dash.

When I asked Kish about what separates him from other players, he mentioned a few things, and there was also one thing that stuck out to me, as a wideout coach myself. Wright says that he is trying to perfect everything he does. That really stuck out to me because as a wideout, you are tasked with so many things. Running good routes. Getting a good release. Beating the press. Blocking is most important. No block, no rock! But, he told me he tries his best to perfect every aspect of his game and that says a lot.

The wideout position is one that usually has divas, but this young man is not one. Wright went on to say, “I am always working hard at my craft. Any chance that I get to work on it and get better, I am doing just that. Another thing I do, is make sure that my teammates are grinding, because this is not a one man sport. I also work hard in the classroom and I have a 3.6 GPA.”

No doubt, Kish is an impressive leader for his team. Next, I asked him how he feels about the 2020 squad. Wright replied, “I think this season will be a tough test, but I feel like we are ready. In my eyes, this team will have a good season. A lot of that is because of the amount of improvements we have made in the weight room. Guys are getting bigger, faster and stronger and that is important. The team is also very disciplined and we are about our business.”

The Bulldogs sound like a real contender this fall with their experienced senior QB and Wright returning for another year with more chemistry and improvements in the weight room.

RG’s Take: The Brockington to Wright connection was one of the best in Class A last fall. Neither are big athletes, but both are smart players who know the in’s and out’s of their positions. Brockington is a quick QB for sure, who is slowly gaining more confidence running the football as he has progressed thru his HS career. We expect him to continue to improve in that capacity, and should start to break defenses as a dual threat. Having a lightening-quick pass target like Wright will lead to big plays during Brockington’s scrambles, and fully suspect the combination to surpass 800 yards combine on the season.


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