Joseph Daniels Makes Strides at Roswell

Joseph Daniels is an experienced 2018 gridiron star who has seen his share of snaps on both sides of the ball during his high school career. He ended up playing his final season at Roswell, and after several years toting the rock at Chattahoochee, Daniels found himself predominantly lined up at defensive back. He still earned some carries in the backfield as he quickly took to playing cornerback.

“My senior year I moved around and was very versatile for my team,” Daniels said. “I played running back, slot and defensive back. I only allowed 5 receptions for 83 yards and a touchdown all year and had a handful of touchdowns from playing running back.”

The versatile Daniels believes he continued to improve throughout the fall, and he has really grown into his new position. “I improved the most this year in my technique at DB with having a coach who played at UGA in Jermaine Phillips. He taught me all of the basics and all of the little details to know whether it was press or off technique and even just alignment.”

Daniels claims interest from Clemson, Indiana, Alabama, Florida Atlantic, South Florida and Western Kentucky. “(I) plan on making my decision before NSD but may have to wait until after to find the right place to spend the next four years of my life.”

Watch Daniels’ latest film and you can see the 5’11”, 190-pound athlete really grow into his new role on the defensive side of the ball. His 4.12 shuttle time and 35-inch vertical give him a wide radius to break the pass up. He shows nice instincts and is a hard worker determined to make it to the next level.

In looking for a college, Daniels said, “The things that will play a role are the academics of the university, my relationship with players and coaches, the best opportunity for me position-wise, and most importantly my family and friends.”

With the dead period lifted on Jan. 12, colleges across the country will be surveying the state of Georgia looking for that last-second sleeper. We have always talked highly of Daniels, and he made our North Georgia Top 200 rankings last year. Considering the progress he made on the defensive side of the ball and the potential he shows as a tackler in space we think more D1 schools will be interested these final weeks.

Daniels knows he can make a difference and has one last message for colleges: “I offer hard work and intensity every day and am someone willing to do anything to become a better player.”

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