Jones Explodes on Film

Laron Jones is a dynamic change-of-pace player for Arabia Mountain that has kept defenses on their toes. The senior can hurt you on the ground, through the air, or by returning kicks.

We got to see that incredible open-field speed on special teams when Jones returned a kick for a score to start the 2nd half against Tucker. The Rams were down 13-7 at the time, and that helped shift the momentum in their favor for the rest of the game, which led to the school’s first-ever region title.

For Jones, this year has been special. He has been showcased on offense, making eye-catching cuts on top of his team playing the best football in history.

“I would definitely say my senior year is going just as we planned as a team. Since the summer, my teammates, and all of the coaches on staff set goals for the team to not only win the region championship, which we accomplished, but to also go undefeated in Dekalb county which we also completed as well.”

Jones says the team is focused on going far in the playoffs.

“Now moving forward into playoffs, we look forward to continuing with this momentum and making a run which would top off my senior year completely knowing in the past year that the furthest that I have ever gone in the playoffs is the first round.”

On the recruiting front, the speedy skill player is hoping to grab the attention of recruiters, but for now, Jones falls back on his faith.

“My recruitment hasn’t really picked up much as I currently only hold one offer at the moment but me being a strong religious person I know that god will put me in the right spot and let all the looks I need come to me from me being patient and hard-working,” he said.

Over the last year, Jones has had to make the adjustment going from a full-time receiver to Arabia Mountain’s running back. The senior talked about that adjustment and how he has adapted his game.

“With me having to adjust from playing wide receiver last year to now playing running back, something that I would say improved would be my vision and decision making and having to react and make different moves in a matter of seconds.”

Those are all qualities in what we like about Jones. His explosive ability to change directions and get upfield in a hurry can break a game open. Just ask Tucker High School. Unlike a lot of slot prospects, the senior has proven the versatility and toughness to make plays after the catch with all the reps he has taken at running back.

The 5’10” senior will continue to be an X-factor for Arabia Mountain as they make a push far into the playoffs, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter/X to hear the latest.



  1. Reply Post By Jasmine Register

    Incredible Article Son, Continue To Keep God 1st in all that you do and always remember you have a village behind you!! Your Team are your brothers and y’all fight together all the way through…leaving it all on the field! Well done…More To Come!!! SeniorSZN 24’

  2. Reply Post By Tarnisha Brown

    This is an amazing read! Makes me feel like i have to travel to catch the next game! Keep going Laron! I have watched many of your highlights, you and your team go hard and you guys deserve it all! Keep up the good work, and may God to continue to bless you!

  3. Reply Post By Cousin Shannon

    Marvelous footage LaRon ~ You are looking damn sharp on that field. Keep up the good work and let nothing and I mean NOTHING stop you cuz! You are on your way to doing great things.😘

  4. Reply Post By Anonymous

    LaRon you couldn’t have said it better!! What God has in store for you is not only going to blow your mind but family and others that’s cheering you on in whatever greatness you do!!!! Keep your head up in the clouds we love you and what you’ve achieved🫶🏽🫶🏽

  5. Reply Post By Carlos Williams

    The end zone is his friend!! Laron is a sensational runner and is destined for greatness!! Keep it up LeRon, and you will be on Mt. Rushmore of the great running backs. Say hungry bruh and stay on your purpose!!

  6. Reply Post By Cassandra Turpin

    Let’s Go LaRon! Congratulations on a outstanding year. You did your thang this year. Be proud of all you have accomplished this. Blessings coming.
    Cassandra “Mama Turp” Turpin

  7. Reply Post By Cassandra Turpin

    Let’s Go LaRon! Congratulations on a outstanding year. You did your thang this year. Be proud of all you have accomplished this. Blessings coming.
    Cassandra “Mama Turp” Turpin

    Let’s Go RAMS!

  8. Reply Post By Lavant Lockwood

    Love this!! Continue to be great Laron!!

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