Head is Lamar County’s Ace

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Ty Head has been the ace in the back pocket of Lamar County all season long, and entering the 2023 playoffs people around the state are about to find out. The 6’4″ 215 lbs. option quarterback runs Lamar County’s option attack with great efficiency, and the Trojans appear to be one of the more dangerous teams in Class A DI.

“Senior year has been one that got me hungry to play D1 football again,” Head said.

The senior is also a basketball star but seems acutely more interested in football, which also means a good improvement with his weightlifting over the last year.

“What I’ve improved at is getting stronger and faster. I run 4.5, bench 280, power clean 315, deadlift 510, and squat 405. I’m 6’4 215, whereas last year I was 6’4″ 195 on a good day.”

The added size helped Head bounce off tacklers for a 50-yard touchdown in one of the top plays of last week, but more times than not, the offensive attack of Lamar County is not inherently flashy.

The senior feels like his talent at the next level could be put on full display, and that colleges will see that in the playoffs.

“Recruitment has been ok but I feel like I’m a lot better than people see. I’m a 3 year starting QB in a Wing-T offense. That really doesn’t show off what I’m capable of. My love is to play TE, WR or OLB in college.”

Head went on to talk more about defense, “I play 15 to 20 plays on defense. And still get 5-7 tackles during my time. But coach told me today I’m playing more defense in the playoffs to go after that state title. So watch what I do now.”

You won’t have to convince us about Head’s upside. Ever since the start of the season, we have been hyping up the senior; maybe more than anyone else in this recruiting class even. We believe that the senior is a P5-caliber athlete who is just starting to scratch at the surface of his potential as a football player. 

Whether that is on offense or defense, we aren’t sure that even matters considering his blend of speed and size. Head is perhaps the most underrated player in the state at the moment, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter/X to hear the latest on the senior, how Lamar County does this playoffs, and the final stretch of the recruiting process.


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