Hamilton’s Electrifying Start to Sophomore Season

Starting his freshman year at Locust Grove, last year Tarez Hamilton proved that he was a legit recruit to watch out for. After seeing his highlights from the first two games of his sophomore year though, it is clear Hamilton is a FBS talent.

In just his first few games, Hamilton has managed to have one play after another packed into his Hudl highlight reel, and last Friday his fumble recovery for a touchdown probably takes the cake for his top play of 2020 so far.

After his teammate stripped the football on the sideline, Hamilton astutely pounced on the football, and then the fireworks were set to go off. Hamilton scrambled into the middle of the field moving laterally, and then jumped cut up field exploding by the newly minted defenders for an impressive 40-yard return for a touchdown.

The play earned Hamilton a spot in the top 10 plays of the week in Georgia. Hamilton has certainly taken his game to another level this fall, and even with Covid-19, the 2023 recruit has found a way to improve.

“During the offseason, with covid-19, it was different because I couldn’t be around my teammates, but I got work on my own, trying to get better on my own, by myself,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton is a very smart defender. He is quick to react to the play and either against the run or the pass, he just seems to find himself in the right spot. The 2023 recruit is a bone-crushing tackler, as seen in his tackle in the flat against Lanier a few weeks back where he practically de-cleated the ball carrier. Hamilton has a bevvy of skills you look for in a cornerback, but most importantly, he is tough as can be.

“What separates me is I like to play fast, and I work hard on my craft everyday.” Hamilton continued to his primary individual goal for 2020. “My goal is to show why I’m the top DB in the nation in the class of 2023 and overall as a player too.”

He’s definitely off to a good start, that’s undeniable, and we won’t be shocked to see the 2023 recruiting landing offers routinely here soon. Hamilton is about 5’10” and 160 lbs., but he plays a whole lot bigger, and over the next year he should fill out his frame and not be too far off from 180 lbs. The 2023 recruit models his game after Jalen Ramsey, and says that his top priority is to be a complete student-athlete.

No colleges have contacted him yet, but we suspect that will change here soon enough. Hamilton is sure to make more big plays for Dutchtown here in 2020, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia to see what’s the next big play he makes and for the rest of the top plays in the state of Georgia each week. 


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