Hamilton Hype is Revving Up

Tarez Hamilton out of Dutchtown high school has been a standout on the defense going back to his sophomore year. The senior cornerback has a high IQ for the game and a penchant for explosive plays at any point in time.

Those two qualities were once again on display last week against Warner Robins. The Red Demons threw out a pass to the flat, and before the running back could react, Hamilton was right on him. The senior unloaded a huge hit that sent the ball carrier straight to his seat and seemingly whiplashed the cameraman filming the play even.

He ended up making our weekly top 10 play video and was voted to be the #3 play in the state of Georgia for Week 5. This was the 2nd time Hamilton had made the top 10, almost exactly two years ago in fact. A lot has transpired since then and now.

“I have improved everywhere and just been working every year and it’s showing,” Hamilton said about his improvements.

Senior year has been great so far for Hamilton, Dutchtown is off to an undefeated start and is a consensus top 5 team in 5A.

“Senior year been going great; we are currently 5-0 and just beat last year’s state champs, Warner Robins. I have been getting after it every game and making plays whenever I can and whenever I’m on the field.”

Hamilton is an explosive player and already has 40 tackles on the year to go along with 4 pass breakups and 1 interception. The 5’11” 175 lbs. cornerback is a smooth operator at cornerback who does an excellent job of reading the QB’s eyes and reacting to the play swiftly. We are really impressed with how he has continued to improve in coverage, especially with how active his hands are jamming receivers, but even more so, his tackling in space has improved substantially.

On the recruiting front, Hamilton has heard from a few programs and holds offers as well.

“I currently have 4 offers. I have them from Austin Peay, Kentucky Christian, Southeast Missouri, and Shorter. Austin Peay has been showing the most love I can say.”

Hamilton has no upcoming visits planned as it is, but is eager to get out to schools that are showing interest. We have always been impressed with the senior and believe that he is very underrated, which is not uncommon for cornerbacks in the state due to the immense depth.

Hamilton kept his goals clear-cut and has championship aspirations for the remainder of the season.

“My goal for the rest of the season is a 5A State Championship – that’s all I want. The stats are going to come once you do your job on the field.”

A great response, and a true indicator that seniors like Hamilton have fully bought into the process over at Dutchtown. The possibility of a 5A Championship is real, and if you were to ask most pundits preseason, myself included, they would have never thought it.

Making a statement win like they did last week against Warner Robins should certainly catch the attention of programs across the state of Georgia, and college coaches alike. They really need to take another look at his senior film.

A lot can happen in the coming weeks and months, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest on Hamilton and players across the state of Georgia.



  1. Super SALUTE Stay Focus..

  2. Reply Post By Torrey Anderson

    Tarez Hamilton has been great since park ball. The kid has really learn the football game.His parents, family and friends has supported him through out his career and has parents has high expectations for him.

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