Elijah Kempson: Getting Better Everyday

There were some exciting games last weekend around the state, but very few saw more points than Greenville vs Jordan. The game was up and down the field with both teams exchanging momentum swinging blows, but eventually Greenville ran away with a 62-49 final result.

No play was more of a momentum swing than Elijah Kempson’s 100-yard interception. Jordan was nearing the goal line once more, when their quarterback stepped back and threw a 15 yards pass into the endzone, but Kempson was sitting on the route, and did a great job of high-pointing the pass then sped down field for a 100-yard pick six.

The play is easily one of the longest interceptions returned this season across the state, but the impact on the game was even bigger. Kempson’s play flipped the game, creating a 14-point swing in one play in a game that was decided by 13 points.  It was a well-deserving play of the week, and the Greenville community did a nice job supporting Kempson with over 8000 votes in less than 24 hours.

This is all very new to the 2020 athlete, and just last season he was strapping on his pads for the first time.

“My Junior year is only my second year playing football and is going great. I was very excited coming into the season having never played a down on defense before, and now I’m starting at strong safety,” Kempson said.

Kempson seems to be a natural at the sport, and has quickly become one of the best players on his team in the early season, leading his team in tackles, interceptions and fumble recoveries so far. At 6’2″, he also plays some wide receiver.

“I would love to get more receptions, but we are a power team that does not throw too much.”

Looking at Kempson move in the open field, and there is some considerable upside for the 2020 athlete. He worked hard this offseason, and is really growing both physically, while also being more receptive to criticism, as well.

“My biggest improvement over the last year started in the weight room last offseason.” The junior continued, “I have developed a work ethic that has made me better all around. I’ve learned to listen to my coaches and trust what they say.”

That sort of maturity is what college coaches look for, but also his high-pointed interception he made against Jordan will certainly turn some heads. The lanky athlete displayed an exceptional ability to time his jump, and really explode up for the football. In a game where most players were running on fumes late, Kempson showed a lot of energy gliding down the sideline for the score.

He shares that same energy and hustle with the players he models his game after.

“I think Julio Jones, my favorite NFL player is a great player. So, I model my game and preparation for the game after him on offense. Even though he’s retired I model my defensive game after Kam Chancellor.”

Kempson is still relatively new to the football scene in Georgia, and is not full indoctrinated into ‘The Process’ just yet. “I hit a few camps this summer and gained a lot,” he said.

That’s a good start, especially heading into his junior year, but we would be lying if we had heard about Kempson before last weekend. The 6’2″ junior recruit has flown under our radar for sure, but if he continues to make big plays for his team, that will not continue to be the case.

There is still a lot to be learned for the junior recruit, some of that starts with getting his Hudl up to date, and becoming a little more active on social media too. Still, there is a ton of time for Kempson and his recruitment. At 6’2″, and a natural long running stride, he should certainly merit looks from college coaches across the south.

Right now though, the junior has no real college visits scheduled, and is just working on getting better each week. His exploits on the defensive side of the football obviously is a natural fit for the junior, and why he has adjusted so well. He has a lot of aspirations at playing football at the next level, so stay tuned to Recruit Georgia as we get him set up on the website, and follow his recruitment until he signs with a college.



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    Let’s go kemp

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    I love it
    I love it
    Lets eat Kemp

  3. Amazing young man with natural football savy and skill.

  4. Reply Post By Eric Poythress

    Respectful and well disciplined on and off the field. He ran track even when his track season was over to continue to work on his speed and endurance.

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