Class 6-A Preseason All-State

It is officially August, and that means across the state high school football is beginning to ramp up! With the 2019 season just around the corner, we are proud to announce for the 4th year in a row our preseason All-State teams. This list is not solely based off last year’s performances, but players that we anticipate to have a big season. Below the All-State team we have listed out honorable mentions. It is always worth mentioning that every media outlets has their own take, and no Preseason All-State team is perfect, so please leave a comment down below, and share your thoughts! – MORE PRESEASON


QB – Tate Rodemaker, Valdosta
RB – Jahmyr Gibbs, Dalton
RB – Thomas Marshall, South Paulding
RB – Deondre Jackson, Stephenson
WR – Chauncey Magwood, Lee County
WR – Quin Chapman, Bradwell Institute
WR – Julian Nixon, Centennial
WR – Parker Self, South Paulding
FLEX – Jaheim Bell, Valdosta
OL – Parker Rogers, Lee County
OL – John Williams, Creekview
OL – Jordan Williams, Gainesville
OL – Nick Lundeberg, Allatoona
OL – Wing Green, Lee Co.
OL – Cole Storey, Harrison
ATH – Raheem Gaines, Mundy’s Mill
K – Jude Kelley, Allatoona



DL – Simeon Barrow, Grovetown
DL – JaQuari Wiggles, Mays
DL – Jonathan Jefferson, Douglas Co.
DL – Marlon Krakue, Sprayberry
DL/LB – Phillip Webb, Lanier
LB – Wesley Steiner, Houston Co.
LB – Tyson Meiguez, Creekside
LB – Grant Gibson, Sequoyah
LB – Baron Hopson, Lee Co.
LB – Cam Dorsey, Alpharetta
DB – Javier Morton, Stephenson
DB – Victor Pless, Harrison
DB – Kamar Wilcoxson, Stephenson
DB – Rashad Battle, Creekside
DB – Isaiah Dunson, Tucker
RET – Jalen Morgan, Alexander
P – Diego Huerta, Douglas County


Derionte Kemp, Drew/Kameron Wilson, Mount Zion-Jonesboro/Micaiah Bell, Harrison/David Roberts, Harrison/Makius Scott, Gainesville/Brett Landis, Winder-Barrow/Joseph Stellmach, Pope/Richard Shaw, Centennial/Jaden Slocum, Alpharetta/Miles Campbell, South Paulding/Tyree Nelson, Mays/Durante Jones, Mays/Cario Googer, Mays/Taj Barnes, Lanier/Tarell Roberts, Valdosta/Dalton Pearson, Johns Creek/Isaiah Jones, Douglas Co./Khatavian Franks, Creekside/Jalen Delaney, Creekside/Jordan Davis, Creekside/Jalil Muhammad, Creekside/Janirr Wade, Stephenson/Byron Bacon, Glynn Academy/Jordan Swain, Glynn Academy/De’Leon Madria, Bradwell Institute/Malik Mordon, Valdosta/Jordan McGhee, Northside-WR/Riley Adcock, Dacula/Nate Hodnett, Apalachee/Wesley Horton, North Atlanta/Caleb McDowell, Lee Co./Josiah Killiebrew, Coffee/Aaron Key, Tucker/Gavin Hall, Harrison/Kyle Toole, Lee Co./Ethan Dirrim, Creekview



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  2. Reply Post By Rickey e Gross

    Why was LEE co did not QB was first team he guide his team state ri g first year 15-0.

    1. Reply Post By Jason Seymour

      1500 more yards
      100 more completions
      10 more touchdowns.

      This is an individual award, not team award.

      1. Reply Post By Anonymous

        Like being the MVP at your position

  3. Reply Post By Jeff B.

    I think you will find that the two QB’s being discussed were pretty close in yds., completions and TD’s. Not close in Interceptions or wins. Head to head was not even close. Rodemaker threw for 91 yds. against lee in their worst defeat in school history. Also keep in mind LC QB only played into the 4th quarter in 4 games. Valdosta QB was in vs LC in the 4th with a running clock down 63 – 7. I have watched both and Valdosta QB is above average but don’t believe he can carry shoes for LC QB.

  4. well not sure where u pulled stats
    Toole had 3200 yds
    34 TD
    2 int for whole year

    Rod only had couple hundred more yards
    couple TD more and a
    Lot more INT

    Toole had lot more wins and less attempts because he was on sideline by 3rd quater
    Valdosta was throwing nearly every game because they were chasing.

    Toole is better QB Rodemaker not bad at all but Toole is measurably better. My gosh didnt throw his first interception till week 13

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    Interesting that Caleb McDowell is listed as an Honorable Mention for Lee Co. … hmmmm can you say recruiting at its finest.

  6. Reply Post By Anonymous

    The list is a joke! Most of the players on the 6A list are highly overrated!!! Watch cream rise to the top! I really don’t understand how some of these make the list. You cant go on stats because if your team plays in a garbage region with no competition its like being the tallest amongst midgets!! Lol

    1. It must be a slow rising cream because a lot of these athletes are really good, not overrated. And that doesn’t make much sense about regions….. Playing in a bad region shouldn’t help your chances of making All-State. All that shows is you play against nobody, and put up big numbers.

      I look at stats, film, individual game splits, playoff performances (if applicable) and my premium database, which is the most comprehensive GA database in the country. I’m looking for the athletes who mean the most to their team for their specific position, and how that directly impacts the team’s winning.

  7. Both are very good QB’s. Two of the best in the state. Knowing Toole, he uses this as an advantage.

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