Wilson Brothers are Clutch

Jenkins County is ranked according to GHSF Daily for the first time since 1999, and the dynamic brothers Christian and ZZ Wilson have helped elevate the program. With the game on the line down 26-20 with 1:30 left in the game against #5 ranked Johnson County, the team turned to the brothers to make a devastating long reception to win.

ZZ Wilson expertly ran a wheel route down the left sideline. His brother immediately spotted him and lobbed the pass up. ZZ chased under the football, catching it in stride, and sprinted the final 40 or so yards for a score. For the brothers, this connection dates back to youth ball when they first picked up the pigskin.

“Of course, it feels good to take down a top 10 team, but our team felt as if we were right there with them in skill so it wasn’t as surprising to us. Being ranked for the first time in 20 years feels good but we can’t get complacent where we are; our head coach always says ‘it doesn’t matter where you’re ranked in Week 2, it matters in Week 15,” Christian Wilson said.

Christian Wilson is not a new name to the top 10 plays of the week, making it last year on a terrific scramble for a score, but here in 2023, there is something special with both brothers winning top play of the week in Georgia.

Their progress as players is a testament to the hard work they endured this last offseason.

“Where I feel like I improved the most in is being more physical, knowing the offense a lot more, and being of a team leader,” said ZZ Wilson.

Jenkins County enters our Class A DI rankings at #8, but from talking to the brothers, they have much bigger plans than just cracking the top 10.

My goal this year is first to win the region, that’s something we haven’t done since 1950, and win a state title,” ZZ Wilson exclaimed.

Christian Wilson shared similar thoughts, “My goal for my senior year is to win state, but my personal goal would be to win Athlete of the Year!”

On the recruiting front, both seniors have remained under the radar, but both believe that their stock will increase throughout the season.

From what we have seen, that should be the case. ZZ Wilson has been dynamic in space, making hard cuts and eluding defenders with ease for explosive plays, while Christian continues to be the heartbeat of the Jenkins offense playing both slot back and quarterback; making key plays when his team needs him most. You can tell that his arm strength has improved a good bit since last year, case in point the game-winning pass had to 50 yards in the air no problem.

The Wilson brothers remain under the radar, but there is little doubt in our mind that the two can play at the college level. For now, they do not have any college visits planned, but we suspect that to change as the season progresses, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter/X to hear the latest on athletes all across the state of Georgia.


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