Williams Looking to Make a Name for Himself

Appling County class of ’24 running back Jamarion Williams has stepped up the last few seasons and provided some excellent support on the ground. The junior back helped substantially last week rushing for 156 yards as they faced off against a rock-solid Vidalia squad.

Williams had many nice runs against Vidalia, but one clearly stood out as the best. Taking the handoff around the 40-yard line, Williams went right up the gut where a pile of linemen for both teams had surrounded him. So what does Williams do? Hit the spin cycle and bounce out towards the perimeter where he had the open field to himself. The 2024 recruit sprinted the rest of the way for the score.

The play was among the best in the state of Georgia for Week 10 and was selected for our weekly highlight video where the Appling County community voted Williams’ run as the #1 play of the week. For the junior, it has been a good season and he feels that he has improved on several components of his game.

“It’s going good. I’ve been playing above my expectations.” Williams continued, “I improved on my vision, speed, and my technique over the last year.”

At 5’11” and 215 lbs., Williams shows a good burst with the football and is able to hit his top speed fast. He shows solid balance bouncing off tacklers and we really like the determination to get extra yardage after contact. He keeps his legs churning, and that quality is a consistent theme throughout his junior film.

Appling County is currently our #3 team in 2A and is 7-1 on the season with their lone loss to 4A’s #9 ranked Wayne County in the 2nd game of the season. Ever since they have been on a roll and most notably beating #2 ranked (at the time) Pierce County a few weeks back.

On the recruiting front, Williams has not taken any visits and hasn’t heard from any colleges just yet. No doubt about it though, the 2024 back has the talent to attract D1 offers. We really his combination of speed/power, and when you consider his size, that makes Williams a really intriguing prospect for this upcoming recruiting class.

Couple Williams with senior Jaylen Johnson and Appling County has the most dynamic backfield duo of any team in 2A. They will be a dangerous out in the playoffs next month and should be among the top contenders to win the 2A state title. Williams actually highlighted the opportunity to win a championship when talking about finishing off the season. 

“I would like to finish the season with a 2A State Championship with my brothers and have a goal of over 1,000 rushing yards and I would be glad to leave high school with 2 rings for my last two years of school,” Williams said.

A trip to the state title and 1k on the season would certainly put the 2024 recruit on colleges’ radars quickly. The potentiality of that happening seems ever-increasing each week Appling County and Williams play, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia to hear more about the junior, his teammates, and players all across the state of Georgia.


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