Week 8 Bully Squad


We need to give our big guys some more love, so we are bringing back the Bully Squad feature again to help with exposure. There is an added twist this year, we are going to make a top 5 blockers of the week highlight video, aka the Bully Squad, and then will have a vote for ‘Lineman of the Week.’ Voting ends Tuesday at 9 pm and you can only vote once per hour! The winner will get a featured story on the website – good luck!




Who do you think should win? Leave a comment below!



  1. Reply Post By Angela Toles

    Brandon Perkins has what it takes for sure! God built that boy for 🏈 football, have you seen him👀. His baby pictures are no different. It is his destiny.

  2. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Brandon Perkins has it all to deliver when it comes to football 🏈. Brandon Perkins ain’t playing no games 👌 You must be energized and ready when you’re playing against him 😍

  3. Reply Post By Daphne Bullock

    Brandon I’m so proud of you!! Looking at the clips your definitely doing your thing on the 🏈 field. Keep pressing!

  4. Keep up the good work Brandon u got what it take to do the job
    And get it done

  5. Reply Post By Adrienne

    Brandon Perkins deserves to win! He was designed by God for football! And he is a hard worker!

  6. Reply Post By Francine Bullock

    Brandon auntie Fran is so so proud of you. Keep up the good work, you have what it takes.

  7. Listen Brandon Perkins (Big B) as I have begun to call him is a heck of a load to have ascend upon you like a storm cloud you just can not seem to get out of the way of. He has feet! He has body! He has knowledge! He has HANDS, and when he puts paws on whomever lines up in front of him…….WELP, PANCAKES!!!

  8. Come on you all let’s wrap it up you know Brandon is the the one to wrap this up and take it to the end

  9. Reply Post By Catherine

    Keep up the good work Big B!!!!!

  10. Brandon you got this is keep on pushing

  11. Get with it and don’t quit it

  12. Reply Post By Catherine

    You got it going Big B!!!!

  13. Reply Post By Catherine

    Big B your getting there!! Keep up the good work!!

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