Week 4 Top Plays



In the video above we have selected 10 of the best plays we found from WEEK 4 in the state of Georgia. Videos are courtesy of Hudl.com, James Tucker WWWE 1100, and Zach Hughes from WJBFSports. Each exciting play is an impressive combination of athleticism and football talent, but who deserves to walk away with the TOP Play of the weekend – that is for you to decide! 


Voting stops 10 PM Monday and you can vote an unlimited amount of times. The winner will receive a featured article on our website, so cast your vote now, and let the best play win! NOTE #1: We are still looking into a better voting app, but as of right now this one cooperates on our site – the downside is that there is no limitations on voting.

NOTE #2: The Bailey Adams nomination was deleted due to an aggressive bot that was voting 8 times every minute. Adams did not personally cheat, nor did he know about the bot. Deleting his name from the vote was a last resort. I want to apologize for any trouble we created for the Augusta Prep community. – David

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Who do you think should win? Leave a comment below!



  1. Terrance Morton

  2. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Keyon Brooks

  3. Reply Post By Ke’Asia

    Terrence Morton

  4. Reply Post By Quintavious

    Keyon brooks

  5. Reply Post By Anonymous

    bailey adams

  6. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Adams boy looked totally focused.

  7. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Bailey Adams looks like a scrub. I could have done that with both hands tied behind my back. But he has my vote.

  8. Reply Post By Robin McNair

    Bailey Adams! He is an all around awesome leader and excellent friend, student, and athlete!!!!

  9. Reply Post By Myran Hunt

    Bailey Adams

  10. Reply Post By Anonymous

    It was such an impressive catch ! To be hit and loose his helmet and still hold on to the ball as it almost slips out of his hands was remarkable !

  11. Terrance Morton should win.

  12. Reply Post By Phillip Locklear

    Bailey Adams. Great catch and great concentration!

  13. Reply Post By Anonymous


  14. Reply Post By Jett seawell

    Bailey Adams does not have my vote

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Bro, pipe down. He’s going to win

  15. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Baily ftw

  16. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Bailey Adams!!

  17. Reply Post By Diane pettway

    Great play! Miles!!!

  18. Miles Pettway! Big defensive stop!

  19. Reply Post By Cookie Ann

    Keyon Brooks

  20. Miles Pettway with the defensive slam tackle!!!

  21. Keyon Brooks !!One handed back catch!

  22. Reply Post By Anonymous

    keyon brokks

  23. Reply Post By Anonymous

    keyon brooks ,look at that beautiful one handed catch

  24. Reply Post By Anonymous


  25. Reply Post By Anonymous


  26. Reply Post By Anonymous

    #TEAM21 Keyon Brooks

  27. Reply Post By Anonymous

    the best running back in cobb county Mr.Keyon Brooks

  28. Reply Post By Anonymous

    keyon brooks!!

  29. Reply Post By Anonymous

    look at that catch keyon

  30. Reply Post By Anonymous

    there is no way keyon brooks will not get picked

  31. Reply Post By Anonymous

    So good to see Augusta represented. Go Bailey!

  32. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Baily will win! Best catch

  33. Hayes for the win

  34. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Woo Hoo, go Bailey Adams

  35. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Baily Adams ftw!!

  36. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Keyon Brooks is an all around player that is very versatile and can ball on both sides of the ball!!!!!

  37. Keyon Brooks should win because I ve seen him play and he’s a force to be reckoned with!

  38. Reply Post By Jill lowe

    He’s an amazing athlete!

  39. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Baily’s catch was awesome especially with his helmet at the end

  40. Reply Post By Lavon Jackson

    I’ve been following Keyon Brooks has matured hope to see him make in the NFL

  41. Reply Post By Baileys the GOAT

    BAILEYS PLAY IS THE BEST. don’t even vote for the other players. He’s the best. Bang Bang Cav Gang


  43. Reply Post By Kisha Evans

    Team 21 Keyon Brooks

  44. Reply Post By Daisy. C

    Terrance Morton Mays high schl

  45. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Cobb County 2017 RB of the year Keyon Brooks!! And he have hands like a receiver… The Top play n the video shows that..ijs

  46. Reply Post By Anonymous

    KEYON BROOKS!! He has many bug plays check him out … http://www.hudl.com/v/2AHYtv

  47. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Google Keyon Brooks check his hudl… you’ll see back to back plays non stop no denying his skills ask any coach or player from an opposing team they’ll agree 🙂

  48. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Bailey Adams!

  49. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Oh no!! We wanted Bailey to win. Such a good kid and athlete.

    1. Sorry, I spent a few hours this morning trying to delete the illegitimate votes to make things fair, but with over 11 k fake votes, it was just taking too long. Also, I banned the bot, but it was still counting the votes (not the best polling software, I guess), so the best I could do was delete Bailey from the list. Again, I’m sorry it came down to this, it was a crazy catch for sure, but I do not condone cheating, and this was just way to egregious that other nominees were complaining about the vote being unfair.

      1. Reply Post By Derrick Locklear

        “Note: We are still looking into a better voting app, but as of right now this one cooperates on our site – the downside is that there is no limitations on voting.” Talking out both sides of your mouth. Either there’s limitations or not. Deleting a kid who had nothing to do with the voting is wrong in my opinion.

        1. Reply Post By Anonymous

          That is completely right. Someone is messing up the voting and for the website to kick out the best catch is unfair

        2. There is a major difference between people voting as much as they want, and one person programming a bot to vote 8 times every minute starting at 8:07 pm last night. I spent a few hours this morning trying to correct the vote so that it was legit, and fair, but what I did on the backend, did not reflect what was still happening on the frontend of the website.

          1. Thanks that explains a lot.

          2. That explains a lot because his count was lower than 4 other players then around 8:30pm his percentage was going up non stop. Between 11pm-2am it increased by 15%.

      2. Reply Post By Anonymous

        It appears that those counts may have transferred to the person with the next highest count? He went from 26 to 42 when The the young man Bailey was removed and I know many people voting that are saying the count is barely moving for the player they are voting for.

        1. No, 14 k votes were deleted, so the rest of the percentages were changed. The bot is still voting for Bailey Adams, even though he is no longer an option. Pretty bizarre to watch from the backend of the website.

      3. Reply Post By Anonymous

        David the bot is still working because I’m noticing the every vote we make on the a player the number of another payer is going up very fast and the other player is dropping. I think that the one bad apple spoiled the bunch. The bot messed up and the votes need to be done over with a clean slate. The bot will keep jumping from player to player and we all are scared to vote.

        1. That’s not happening. The bot is still voting for Bailey Adams, even with him deleted. It’s interesting to watch, but no one is receiving bot votes. I spent a good 15-20 mins just now to make sure too.

      4. Reply Post By Anonymous

        Hi David can you post the total count results for each player with the end results so that’s the players may see how much support they received.Thanks!

        1. I have added the total votes to the top!

  50. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Let’s go Keyon

  51. Keyon Brooks Outstanding Team Player , Student, and very Respectable Young Man .Greater tings ahead . Go Keyon J21CE !! To God be The Glory.#

  52. Why is baily gone?? Bring baily back hes the best!!

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      It wasn’t him

  53. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Baily had the best catch!

  54. Hayes Sutton….Fox 5 Play of the Night. https://youtu.be/655ywbn-8KQ

    Not that the other plays weren’t great, but this is the best of them. Plus, the Defensive stop was unnecessary roughness. Didn’t think you were allowed to suplex a ball carrier like that any more?

  55. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Bailey has the best one, y’all r afraid to admit it

  56. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Bailey, block out the haters. You won in my heart 💙😉

  57. Reply Post By Anonymous


  58. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Hayes, Gwinnett Co. is behind you and that catch was sick! Keep grinding kid!

  59. Reply Post By Anonymous


  60. Reply Post By Yoshika Norris

    Keyon Brooks did his thang.

  61. Hayes Sutton

  62. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Check out Hayes Sutton’s Hudl!

  63. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Go sutton!!!

  64. Check sutton’s page out!

  65. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Keyon brooks !!!!!!

  66. Reply Post By Anonymous

    What about giving Bailey the votes he had before the bot started up?

  67. Reply Post By Anonymous

    U wanna hear something funny. Top 5 hudl plays week 3. Guess whose number 4?? BAILEY ADAMS

  68. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Keyon brooks🤗🤗

  69. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Keyon is a great student I believe he really needs this !

  70. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Future wolf pack member Keyon brook #wolfsup!

  71. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Bailey made top 5 hudl, he wins

    1. Congrats to Bailey! I’m sure MaxPreps will be next!

  72. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Hayes Sutton had the best play. One-handed catch. Lookin like an NFL player in HS. SHOUT!

  73. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Keyon has the best one handed catch ..he had to reach all the way back to catch it turn around and run and he kept balance !!who can eat that?!??

  74. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Hayes you got this bro!

  75. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Why is it that every time I vote it takes my player down

  76. Reply Post By Anonymous

    We all know who had the best highlight on here so if Keyon don’t win he is still the best of all time #J21CE

  77. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Best highlight is clearly the one with the most votes. #BET

  78. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Could we see the numbers? As many of the other comments mentioned before, it took a lot of votes, just to move up by a small percentage. I’d love to be able to see how many votes each player received!

    1. #’s are at the top in the poll now


  80. Reply Post By Thanos' car


  81. Reply Post By TEAM 21 CEO

    Shout out to every PERSON that voted for Keyon all yesterday and today from NewOrleans, Tenn,Texas, DC, LasVegas, New York, Ohio, Arkansas and Ga especially the KMHS Fam… didn’t get the W but You guys already know you will get Top Plays every game! 😜 #TEAM21 #BLESSED

  82. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Garrison Hand

  83. Reply Post By Amy Silvestri

    Hayes Sutton

  84. Reply Post By Tracey Stripling

    Garrison Hand

  85. Reply Post By Kimberly

    Dyquan Bloodsaw

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      DQBloodsaw WC 💪🏿

  86. Hayes Sutton

  87. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Myles Freeman

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