Week 3 Top Plays


Welcome to the RG Top 10! Here are the 10 best plays we found from WEEK 3 in the state of Georgia! Each play is an impressive combination of athleticism and electrifying football talent, but who deserves to walk away #1 of the Recruit Georgia Top 10? That is for you to decide! 

Voting stops 10 PM Monday and you can only vote once every hour. Top 3 plays will get a featured story this week, and #1 play will receive a custom highlight, so cast your vote now, and let the best play win! – MORE TOP PLAYS




Who do you think should win? Leave a comment below!



  1. Reply Post By Crystal Smith

    He is the TRUTH!!!

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Colton plays his heart out💕

      1. Reply Post By Jerry L Holmes

        Colton Hood made a remarkable play

    2. Reply Post By KODI JAI

      I think NCCS (JQDIN COATES) should DEFINITELY win for that amazing 55 yard GAME WINNING TOUCHDOWN!!!

    3. Reply Post By Dave Anderson

      Colton Hood is a beast! #1 play of the week.

  2. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Very Humble young man.

  3. Reply Post By Alida Hines

    Colton made amazing plays last Friday. He is great!

  4. Go Colton im so proud of you!!!!! You are AWSOME IT’S A HOOD THANG!!!!

    1. I’m proud of all these fine young men…but “Week 3 Top Plays” says it all. NCCS is hands down the Top Play…gotta respect a team effort to win with 10.2 seconds at their 35 yd line. Come on man…no brainer!!!

  5. Reply Post By Jonathan Allen

    Do it young man!!!!

  6. Reply Post By Quinesha

    The are the greatest!! Keep doing you.

  7. Reply Post By Jerrol Hines

    You are bread for WINNING!! Keep going!!!!

  8. Congrats to all these amazing athletes for their nominations. Let’s go Colton Hood!!!! Absolutely amazing play!!!

    Vote for Colton!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Reply Post By Anonymous

    That boy HOOD… that dawg in real life.

  10. Reply Post By Carrie Watson

    Yes colton!!!!!!

  11. Reply Post By Norman Lewis

    Great job

  12. Reply Post By Patricia Robinson

    Great job young man!

  13. Bright fella keep your head up

  14. Reply Post By Vanessa Sanchez

    Humble lil guy

  15. Reply Post By Alvin Hines

    The apple dont fall far…….

  16. Reply Post By Quintin Collins

    Great young man. Bright future.

  17. Reply Post By Anonymous

    4 TDS tho???? Jaylen Poe played is heart out! 2 amazing long runs

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Yes!!! My thoughts exactly!

  18. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Played *his. Amazing athlete!

  19. Reply Post By Ethel Archibald

    Go Colton, you are AWSOME IT’S A HOOD THANG!!!!

  20. The North Cobb Christian play was insane!

    1. Reply Post By KODI JAI

      Jadin Coates. (NCCS)

  21. Reply Post By KODI JAI

    It’s NCCS for me!!!

    1. Reply Post By Jessica Stinson

      Jadin Coates looks amazing on the field. NCCS. 🏈

  22. Reply Post By Demanda Smith

    Good luck Colton

  23. Reply Post By Bailey and Paityn

    Let’s go Colton!!!!

  24. Reply Post By Kristi J.

    Goooo Jaylen!! 4 TD this game with 2 long runs like the play in the video! This young man plays his heart out, has great grades and is an all around good kid! Keep it up, Poe!!

  25. Reply Post By Tamela Glover

    Let’s go Colton!

  26. How can they put a team vs all these INDIVIDUAL young men? If that’s the case Kennesaw Mountain should b on here for stopping the ONE person that was destroying them the entire game and come on top with a 36-37 win. Guess they should be up here too. Just don’t understand how we are comparing team vs these young men individually. Won’t take nothing away from NCC

    1. Reply Post By K Nixxon

      The NCC play was 6 individual athletes. They listed the school name, but 6 seniors executed the play to make it happen. Prob wasn’t room to list all 6. All these athletes on the ballot undoubtedly deserve accolades!

  27. The crazy NCCS miracle play involving seven phenomenal senior athletes – Matty Go, Skyler Parker, Trey Priester, Jacob Cruz, Skyler Parker, Jadin Coates, and Brayden Williby. Awesome play, amazing senior leadership! Lots of great players on the ballot this week, but NCC is the PLAY of the week- hands down.

  28. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Clearly NCC deserves it. The new coach, Matt Jones and the rest of those amazing athletes have something great going for them!

  29. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I agree. Team versus individuals. Not a fair competition. But it is what it is. Congrats to all of the individuals that made the list! Keep working! Phenomenal play by NCC but should be placed in a competition for plays by team, not individual competition.

  30. Im proud of you

  31. Reply Post By Ya Moms

    Colton Hood sorry ash

  32. Reply Post By Coley Chestnut, Sr.

    Colton Hood,
    Incredible student athlete epitomizes the best of sporting competition. He will make us all proud!

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Why are they doing team vs individuals? Should be separate categories.

      1. Last I checked football was a team sport

  33. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Nccs made 5 lateral passes for a 55 yard touchdown

  34. Go North Cobb! That multi lateral play in the last 10 sec was crazy!!!

  35. Go North Cobb! That multi lateral play in the last 10 sec was insane

  36. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Nccs is Was insane in the last 10 seconds of the game after being down by 2

  37. Reply Post By Anonymous

    bro nccs played amazing! great game wesleyan but druw could carry y’all in baseball and football even though he doesn’t play football! 🤣

  38. Reply Post By Tarver Strong

    A school vs individuals?… I guess this makes sense somewhere…

  39. Reply Post By Anonymous

    This whole team vs individual is nonsense. I guess Colton threw the ball to himself and also blocked for himself.

    1. Reply Post By Ya Daddy

      Such a Hater… and where exactly is your play of the week? But thanks for being such a big fan of his.

  40. Of course Colton Hood !!!

  41. Reply Post By Tamera Ponder

    Good Luck Colton!!!

  42. Go Colton Hood! Great job!

  43. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Ethan Christian got UPPP!!!! Great Catch! Keep up the good work Ethan!

  44. North Cobb Christian

  45. Reply Post By Hope Oaks

    Colton Hood has my vote- he’s got what it takes and gets it done!

  46. Go Reese!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  47. Super close vote! Thanks to everyone who participated!

  48. Reply Post By Dave Anderson

    Colton Hood is a beast! #1 play of the week.

  49. Reply Post By Rose Ratchford

    North Cobb. Great school. Grandchildren attended

  50. Reply Post By Rose Ratchford

    North Cobb. Great school. Grandchildren attended and staff

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