Week 10 Bully Squad


We need to give our blockers some more love, so the Bully Squad feature is back for year #3! There is an added twist this year, we are going to make a top 5 blockers of the week highlight video, aka the Bully Squad, and then will have a vote for ‘Offensive Lineman of the Week.’ Voting ends Wednesday at 10 pm and you can only vote once per hour.

The winner will get a featured story on the website, so good luck!




Who do you think should win? Leave a comment below!



  1. Reply Post By Courtney Warren

    Dylan Biehl

  2. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Let’s get it Big Ty.O

  3. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Tyler Oglesby!!! #big50

  4. Reply Post By Randy Bolton

    Big Ty is going to be playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes and then with Nick Chubbs ( The Browns) Nothing but love for my Great Nephew! Uncle Randy Delaware Ohio.

  5. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Let’s Go #50 Tyler Oglesby

    1. Never mind Tyler Oglesby,

    2. Reply Post By Heather R

      Rooting for Tyler Oglesby!

  6. He is an incredible young actor, he is a great person, maybe it is perfect to describe it in one word.. Türkiye is proud of him.. this player is of course AYK DEDEOGLU

  7. Tyler Oglesby, you may be a good athlete, but AYK DEDEOĞLU is a much better player than you.. making mistakes is you and not being good, ayk is better and you know it very well

    1. Reply Post By TYLER OGLESBY

      http://www.hudl.com/profile/15176176 🤫🤫🤫🤫 watch my highlights it speaks for itself 😂😂😂

    2. Reply Post By Anonymous

      All that wasn’t called for SEVAN.

      1. Reply Post By Anonymous

        Congrats to all students and players
        Wish you boys healthy athletic year and a great academic year
        Hopefully a great university waits for all you kids out there.


    3. Reply Post By Anonymous

      You real miserable

    4. Reply Post By Sharaye Hill

      Your and asshole

      1. Reply Post By Sharaye Hill

        Seven that is

  8. Reply Post By Talar Torossian

    We are proud of you Ayk!
    You are good human and a hard working and dedicated athlete.

  9. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Go #50 the Punisher!

  10. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Tyler Oglesby has won several times we might let little Ayk win. Please translate the broken English because it isn’t working for me!

  11. Tyler is the BIGGEST! Continue working hard! Such a great Athlete, VERY HUMBLE. Ignore the haters, your doing an amazing JOB #50

  12. Reply Post By Rita McMorris

    Ayk is number one! Very smart and strong young man!

  13. Reply Post By Dragons

    Congratulations to whom ever wins this week. It’s been a real battle between Ayk Dedeoglu of Alpharetta & Tyler Oglesby of Jefferson.
    Always remain humble, & leave the trash talk on the field. Also remember…. it was JEFFERSON 34 W – ALPHARETTA 24 L 😲 #JHSPride

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      In all seriousness tho, One young man is a senior the other is a Junior so, Best wishes to both young men in their futures. 🏈💯👏🏿

  14. Reply Post By Anonymous

    TYLER OGLESBY THE BIGGEST. We let lil man win this time 🤣

  15. Reply Post By Esra Demir

    Iyk is the best !

  16. Reply Post By Mekselina Gürbüz

    Iyk is the best !

  17. Reply Post By Anonymous


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