Tommy Rogers: “The Tackling Machine”

Featured Photo Credit: Paul Thomas – Gwinnett Prep Sports


One of the best individual tacklers in the state of Georgia is Parkview senior safety Tommy Rogers. The class of 2018 recruit was a state leader among defensive backs last year, and out of his 121 tackles, 85 were of the solo variety.

Truly an amazing effort for the consensus Preseason All-State selection, but can he improve on his stellar 2016 season? Well, for Rogers, it all started with his offseason regimen.

“I had a great offseason,” Rogers said. “I’ve been training every day for the upcoming season, playing on a 7v7 team and attending college camps. The camps I attended were at Wake Forest, Stanford and Southern California.”

The 2018 recruit’s work ethic is top-notch, and he believes that he has improved in a number of areas from last season. “I have been training my footwork and coverage skills, which have improved tremendously. Also, I have improved on how I study film.”

Rogers is a compactly built athlete with a low center of gravity, and he just seems to have a knack for reading the ball-carrier and making a tackle. He looks good in man coverage going up against the slot receiver. The junior accelerates and attacks the ball-carrier with ferocity.

Heading into his senior season, Rogers reflected on his experiences at Parkview with a lot of humility.

“I would like to thank Parkview football for having faith in me and giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills and abilities on the field.” Rogers continued, “During my junior season, I was entrusted to start on defense and lead my team on and off the field. This opportunity ultimately led to me earning individual titles such as Gwinnett first-team All-County and my most recent accomplishment of being named All-State. I look forward to my last season of high school football and I’m ready to hit the field.”

Rogers wants to make a statement this upcoming season. He is listed at 5’9″ and weighs around 180 pounds, and his size has affected recruitment, but he believes this season his play on the field can quiet any of those concerns. “During this season I hope that college recruiters will see my talent and not put so much emphasis on my size. Because I know that I can play on the college stage if given the opportunity.”

That is certainly the case. As another college scout told Recruit Georgia, Rogers will knock the tar out of you! His no-frills gameplay would fit perfectly as a 4-2-5 nickel defensive back at the next level. Rogers also mentioned he could potentially be getting snaps on the offensive side of the ball as well.

This fall he has planned visits to Florida A&M, Georgia State, Georgia Tech and Jacksonville State. Obviously those plans are fluid and subject to change, so stay tuned to @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest on Tommy Rogers’ recruitment. Click HERE to visit his Recruit Georgia profile.



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