Tisby Tops Statesboro Defense

One of the more versatile defenders against both the run and pass for Statesboro is senior Caleb Tisby. The senior who lines up primarily at the nickle position has collected 32 tackles on the year in 4 games while also looking good in man coverage.

He impacts the game in more ways than one, and last week, his presence was even felt on special teams. The senior was on the line of scrimmage with Burke County in punt formation. He shot through splitting blockers then ran around a few more getting a clean shot at the punt. What Tisby did though was far more spectacular than a regular blocked punt, and all in one motion he caught the football right off the punter’s foot, then went sprinting another 25 yards into the endzone.

Was it a scoop and score if the ball never touched the ground? Either way, Tisby was announced to our weekly top plays and was eventually named the #2 play in the state of Georgia.

The 5’10” 195 lbs. senior has made some progress over the last year and is making an impact. He talked about where he has improved the most.

“I’ve become smarter so it allows me to read the offense faster to know what play is coming and what to expect,” Tisby said.

Statesboro has played a tough schedule so far this year but Tisby feels optimistic about where the team is headed.

“We got off to a rough start and took some hard losses but we finding our rhythm!” He continued to talk about his 2nd half expectations, “The second half of the season I look forward to leading my defense and becoming the best defense in Georgia and then winning a region championship.”

On the recruiting front, Tisby is still trying to get a foothold but has been hearing from a number of programs.

“I have zero offers but a couple of schools are looking at me – Troy is my favorite out of the schools I have looking (at me). I’m going to visit Troy on October 8th or the 15th,” Tisby said.

We definitely feel like more D1 programs need to give Tisby a look. He is a physical defensive back who closes on the ball carrier with urgency and knows how to separate the football from them. Tisby is a solid tackler in the open field and consistently gets low on his attempts. He shows nice versatility playing a number of positions and seems to be a jack-of-trades player that the Statesboro staff can depend on, even playing up top at FS in some cases.

We like the upside and believe there is good potential for Tisby at the next level, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia to hear the latest on the senior out of Statesboro and athletes everywhere in Georgia.


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