Big Stat Dude Week 9: Corbin Davenport

Last week, Fannin County was in a tough region battle with North Murray where the Rebels won in a shootout 68-42. Helping Fannin County to victory and a school-record 68 points was senior Corbin Davenport who totaled 59 yards passing and 337 rushing plus a total of 7 touchdowns.

The senior talked about ever playing in a game that was so high-scoring.

“No, I haven’t but I have got to play with several great athletes that have put up a bunch of yards and points,” he said.

Davenport’s performance was among the best in the state for Week 9 and is our ‘Big Stat Dude’ on the site. Production-wise, this game was a huge jump for Davenport who has traditionally played slot receiver on offense with some wildcat sprinkled in, but against North Murray, it was a healthy dose of Davenport behind center. The senior explained the sudden jump in usage and how he has adapted.

“My reasoning for getting to be a bigger part of the offense is maturing as a player and also as a person. I’ve gotten bigger, stronger, and faster over the years and the coaches gave me a shot and I ran with it. I have embraced it to the best of my ability. I have been surrounded by great coaches and players. I wouldn’t be able to be the player I am without them. I strongly believe that my lifelong wrestling career has given me the discipline and grit to do what needs to be done on the field,” he said.

Davenport runs really hard with the football and does an excellent job of keeping his balance through contact. His determination as a runner is excellent, and all too often you find Davenport fighting to stay in bounds to get extra yardage rather than taking the easy way out of bounds.

For the remainder of the season, Davenport would like to keep the offensive momentum going.

“As for my goal for the remainder of the season, it’s to continue the path that I am on and, if the opportunity presents itself, continue to do what I love.”

That goes to recruiting, where Davenport said the process has been slow but is hoping that after last week’s performance against North Murray that would attract some additional attention. We believe that will be the case.

Davenport’s total of 397 all-purpose yards and 7 touchdowns is among the best any player has produced individually for a single game in the state so far this season. He is a tough athlete who can be elusive in tight spaces and completely fearless when taking on tacklers.

At times, Davenport looks like a mini-Mike Alstott with the football rather than a receiver prospect, but that also opens an interesting question for the next level, how good of a receiver can the ’23 recruit be? Though he doesn’t have elite speed, he does a nice job of changing direction and his pad level/toughness while running the football is among the best of any athlete his size in the state.

Davenport is a very unique recruit, and his athleticism is understated, to say the least. He is definitely a senior recruit to watch the final few weeks of the regular season as you are getting a unique sample size with his increased usage on offense and it looks like he is making the most of it.

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