Sophomore CJ Jones Playing Crisp Football

Crisp County sophomore CJ Jones earned one of the top plays in the state last week. The talented junior came up big against Peach County creating two interceptions, one that he returned all the way back for a score, which helped Crisp County take down the (at the time) #4 team in our 3A rankings, and helped them crack the top 10 in our Week 9 rankings.

It was a remarkable interception where the sophomore caught playing a deep safety spot, then quickly reversed upfield, bounded off a few would-be tacklers, then towards his own sideline where he was escorted by a posse of blockers (perhaps one block being a little overzealous). Jones’ interceptions goes down as one of the more pivotal of the 2021 season and rightfully earns the #3 spot in our weekly top plays.

The National Beta Club member who sports a 4.0 GPA has seen a relatively quiet recruitment so far, granted his high school career is just really getting started.

“Not yet but I’m patiently waiting on my first offer humbly,” Jones said about any new schools entering the picture.

Jones has a background as a running back, and that was definitely showcased on his return after the interception against Peach County, but now that he is full-time defense, the sophomore has decided to emulate one of the best DB’s in the NFL.

“I modeled my game after Eric Dickerson when I played up until my middle school days, but I think now since I play defense I would say a young Tyran Mathieu, somebody that comes day in and day out and works hard and study film and just make plays,” he said.

Changing positions is no easy task, but Jones feels like the effort he put into the last offseason has paid dividends this fall.

“From last year, I think I have improved a lot especially my leadership skills and my work ethic – also the mindset that I set forth for myself and my teammates. I improved a lot from the safety position from the summer to now.” Jones continued, “The transition has been great and I thank god that he continues to transition my game and my heart of humbleness.”

This was a huge win for Crisp taking down their rival in Peach 27-14. For the last 5 years or so, these programs have consistently appeared in state title games. Now the focus moves towards the final half of the season where Crisp County will look to close out their final 3 games and finish the regular season on a 7-game winning streak.

For Jones and his teammates, they are focused on taking it one game at a time and just continue to make plays within their abilities.

“My goals for the second half are to make the routine plays like I always do, continue to strive and help my teammates, and win 1-0 every week!”

Jones has no college visits planned at the moment but was one of the top performers of Week 8, and was close to getting 3 interceptions even. If he continues to make plays like this, then the 5’10” sophomore DB who excels as a student should grab the attention of strong academic institutions across the country, so stay tuned to @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest on Jones and the rest of the players across the state of Georgia.


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