Sleeper Report 5/11

Here is today’s “Georgia HS football Sleeper Report.” Here we highlight players with less than 200 HUDL views on their highlight reel in hopes to increase their exposure. We have listed out 4 sleepers down below with their film attached.


George Shockley
6’1″ 193
Scoop – Shockley is an instinctual player with great lateral quickness (4.18 SH) which allows him to slip by the offensive lineman and make a stop. He gets out to his area on a zone defense fast, and seems to find himself around the ball. He really worked on becoming explosive this offseason and recently maxed his power clean to 300. The rising senior is really under the radar right now. 

Marquis Colzie
WR Maynard Jackson
6’2″ 193
Scoop – Colzie is a big-bodied receiver who shows good concentration to pull in tough passes in heavy traffic. He does a great job of getting his body between the defender and the ball. Looks like he can get up to 220 in college and also be a good perimeter blocker. Rising senior has a 3.7 GPA too.

Jeremiah Daniels
SS New Hampstead
5’11” 175
Scoop – Daniels is a really physical tackler coming off the edge and does a great job of finishing off the play. Daniels just seems to be around the ball and causes a good bit of fumbles, and stems from his explosive tackle attempts.

Jalen Willingham
LB North Springs
5’10” 192
Scoop – Willingham gets downhill and does a great job of squaring his pads up to make a tackle. The rising senior has good speed, so he can play out on the flat and make plays to the sideline. He makes some really tough tackles, where he fights off the block fast (against some very good OL), and wraps up the ball carrier before he can make it through the line of scrimmage. Willingham does not have traditional size but he is dog out there on the field and will put 100% effort out there on the field.



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