Senior Maddox Showing Off Versatility

Adrian Maddox has gone off this season after Covid really wrecked a lot of the Heritage season in 2020 and they only ended up playing 5 games. Well, fast-forward to last week, where Maddox made his best play of the season so far, and that earned him a spot in the top 10 plays of the week.

Catching a rather simple slant pass down the middle, Maddox quickly juked around one defender. The senior then had a slew of Rockdale defenders surrounding him. He squared up, made a decisive cut to the sideline but then made several cutbacks that left several Rockdale defenders ‘tackling’ nothing but thin air. He jaunted the final 5 or so yards into the endzone.

The catch had a high degree of difficulty for Maddox, but something the 2022 athlete has shown throughout his high school career too. This fall though, he is playing his best football.

“I have improved on my strength tackling and just being a overall player,” Maddox said.

On the recruiting side of things, Maddox feels really good where he is at.

“Recruitment has been good I have blown up recently, I have been to Tennesee, Georgia, Mercer and Texas.”

He has certainly been busy this fall taking in visits with schools, and plans to have more coming up on the horizon. The interest is definitely warranted too, and the 6’3″ 197 lbs. FS/WR prospect has been really effective all year long.

Now, Maddox is certainly a good WR prospect, and going into this season we have liked him more on the offensive side of the ball, but watching his senior film really shows his college upside at safety. Maddox is hitting with authority over the middle and is doing a good job of recognizing the route tree and attacking. His length and athleticism to get to each sideline to either break up the pass or get the interception really influences how an offense can attack the Heritage defense.

Maddox currently holds one D1 offer from Campbell at the moment, but his recruitment does seem to be gaining traction and his film warrants additional D1 interest. The athlete who models his game after Derwin James and DeAndre Hopkins definitely has an FBS caliber frame himself, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia to see the latest on the senior and the rest of the athletes across the state of Georgia.


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