Seaney to Holbrook Connection

North Forsyth might have themselves one of the best QB to WR connections in the state with juniors Elijah Seaney and Brady Holbrook. For the 606 yards and 7 touchdowns that Seaney has thrown for this season, Holbrook has accounted for 403 of those yards and over half the scores with 4.

Last week, the duo paired up for one of the best plays of the week. While in the red zone, Seaney threw an excellent pass with the defender practically hitting him as he let go. Holbrook had a defender with inside positioning, but he was able to leap up and get his hands on the football, and eventually control it with one hand as he came falling down.

That play is really just a microcosm of the season for Holbrook and Seaney. When the QB needs to find a big play, he goes to his junior counterpart more times than not.

“So far I am pleased with my junior year. We had a slow start getting comfortable to a new offense under our new OC, but we quickly found our rhythm and began to click as an offense and as a team,” Seaney said about the first part of the season.

For Holbrook, who is also a star baseball player, he wasn’t even fully sure about playing this fall.

“Good. A lot of improvements especially not playing last year. I’m glad I made the decision to come back,” he said.

The junior receiver is making plays and showing off incredible hands; a skill that certainly translates over to both sports. With both football and baseball being a focus now, we asked what the junior would like to do at the next level.

“Yes – I would play either or both in college. I love both and would like to keep either one of them going,” Holbrook said.

The last game was arguably the best for Seaney so far. His efficiency helped the team to their first region win.

“We are now 1-0 in region play where I went 19/26 for 248 yards and 3 passing touchdowns with 1 rushing. Our offensive line and receiving crew are all showing big improvements and as a team we have high expectations for our region play,” said Seaney.

For the remainder of the season, both seniors have goals they would like to attain.

“My goal for the rest of this season is to win out our region. We came up short last year in the region championship and we are hoping to find ourselves back in that game this year,” Seaney said.

Holbrook also added, “Have 1000 total yards and win the region. Make a run in the playoffs. Help the team as much as I can.”

As the team gets into region play this year, they will be facing off against some tough 6A opponents each week. The two juniors will certainly be tested but both feel like they have made good progress over the last year in preparation. The mental aspect has been huge for both players.

“Learning to stay positive when something goes wrong and having confidence,” Holbrook said about his biggest improvement.

Seaney added more, “My understanding of defenses and where to attack the field. As a quarterback you have to know what is going on at all times and that’s one area in which I have made major improvements.”

No doubt, the two will be battle-tested for the remainder of the season. Teams will be keying in on the connection of Seaney to Holbrook, but will it be enough to stop the dynamic duo? We are certain that more highlight plays are in store for the future, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter/X to see the latest on the North Forsyth juniors and players all around the Peach State.


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