Emmanuel McQueen – FS


HT: 5’8″
WT: 155
GPA: 3.6
SAT: 1110
Class: 2019
40: 4.6
Shuttle: 4.3
Vertical: 33″
Squat: 385
Bench: 215
Power Clean: 215

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

I am a disciplined, self motivated individual with the heart and drive to go above and beyond on and off the field! I’m an honor roll student athlete that is always on top of his game at all times.

McQueen is a super smart player who can read the play quickly and get downhill making a play almost right at the LOS. He does not lack heart one bit, and the smaller safety can meet a ball carrier in the hole and drop him. His strong fundamentals and ability to get lower than the ball carrier certainly helps. In pass coverage he shows pretty quick hips and can flip them over and stick right with his man. He makes a ton of plays for Westlake. His acceleration definitely helps, but more than anything McQueen has great football instincts. He can see the field so well, and on deep balls he is able to make reads on the route tree and does a great job of coming over top and defending the pass. I like his footwork a good bit in man coverage, definitely better than most FS’s. Realistically McQueen is suited to play NB in a 4-2-5. He is very talented, and think his combo of run support and pass coverage skills in the man and zone is huge.


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