NFL Film Session

You can never learn enough about the game, and down below we have compiled videos from the top NFL players breaking down film! These athletes are considered the best at their field, and you can never learn enough about what makes them great. Get inside the head of Andrew Luck, Akiem Hicks, Melvin Gordon and more All-Pro athletes. These are the best players in the league for a reason, watch how they digest film, and how you can improve as an athlete as well!

There is almost a video for every position, so scroll down below and click the video that applies to your position. Leave a comment down below, share your thoughts and if you want to see more content like this in the future.  NOTE: Looks like the NFL has blocked these videos from playing on my website, so just click the video and follow the YouTube link. 



Vikings WR Adam Thielen breaks down routes!



The Colt’s Andrew Luck breaks down top offensive plays and how he attacks a defense!



Jamal Adams breaks down how to use pre-snap reads, and how to make big impact plays.



Jarvis Landry breaks down working with QB, Browns offense and reverse play.



Akiem Hicks breaks down the battle in the trenches and how his hands give him such an advantage.



Taylor Lewan shows proper o-line blocking technique, how to block a player like JJ Watts and much more!



Xavier Rhodes demonstrates how he reads pass routes, his techniques and the top WR’s to guard.



Melvin Gordon talks about hurdling over defenders (illegal in GHSA), catching out of the backfield and a lot more!




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