Meet Dynamic Freshman Lothan ‘Jamari’ McBride

Lothan McBride’s HS career is off to an exciting start. The 5’10” athlete from the Academy of Richmond County has been impressive and already making varsity defenders look silly in space.

From watching his early film, what really stands out is the reactivity of McBride’s feet. He so smoothly weaves around the pursuit, stopping quickly on a dime and taking ankles. That was never more clear than last week’s 42-0 win over Josey.

The freshman took a short dump-off pass to the flats down the left sideline at midfield. He quickly sprinted past the pursuit, then stopped on a dime, and spun around one defender before cutting back into the center of the field. McBride was in full spin cycle mode at this point in time, pulling off another on a duped defender. The freshman then continued course down the right sideline where he ultimately dove into the endzone.

These kinds of plays already litter the freshman’s early season film at the top of this article. He already looks like a high-level skill player who is capable of pulling off true game-breaking plays.

“I would say my freshman season going good so far; still need to improve on my game as a player,” McBride described.

In terms of goals for the 2023 season, the freshman wants to win the region, play every game like it is his last, and just enjoy the journey. McBride certainly comes across as a focused athlete, and he visualizes his potential meeting reality in the coming years.

“I know if I keep focus I could be one of the best in the state with plenty of offers. I feel like the recruiting process is going great and it’ll give me more exposure,” he said.

With the early sample size of varsity film, McBride has all the makings of a dynamic skill player at the college level. As of now, colleges have not reached out to ARC about recruiting, and cannot directly contact him, but we do think his recruitment is bound to take off sooner rather than later.

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