Lanier County’s Jones is a Sophomore Standout

Lanier County always has a bevy of skill players at its disposal and sophomore Bryan Jones looks to be another in a long line of standouts. Just last week, Jones made a high-pointed catch that earned him the #1 play in the state of Georgia.

With the sophomore receiver split out wide, and Lanier County driving into their opponent’s territory, they were looking for a big play from their sophomore. Jones was isolated on an island with an Atkinson County defender. He ran a go route down the field, the ball was lobbed up and Jones elevated high into the autumnal sky for the catch. The sophomore caught the pass over the defensive back and then landed on the ground like a cat. He then hit another gear sprinting the final 20 yards into the endzone.

The reception encapsulates the big-play ability that Jones has shown all year long for Lanier County. When the ball is in the air, Jones becomes the aggressor whether he is on offense or defense.

“This year has been going great and better than ever. My stats are 4 interceptions, and 5 touchdowns this season.” Jones then talked about where he has improved the most, “I have improved the most at receiver. Last year I only played defense and when I took the shot at playing offense it changed me into a better player on both sides of the ball.”

Jones’ Lanier county squad will face off against Charlton County this Friday. The Indians have been a top 5 team almost the entire year in Class A Div II, so they will have their plate full. Either way, they are set to make the playoffs, which should provide Jones with more opportunities to achieve a sophomore goal of his.

“I would like to finish off the season beating the school record with the most interceptions in one season which is 7,” he said.

Jones’ ability to read the play and react is certainly noteworthy. The sophomore gets a consistently good jump on the pass when in pass coverage and asserts himself into the action quite routinely. Right now, his recruitment is still just beginning with only a visit to Georgia Southern within the last year.

Jones understands there is plenty of time for the recruiting process to develop, and rest assured, we’ll be there to cover it, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest on the 2025 prospect and athletes all across the state of Georgia.


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