Justin Moore is a Mountain

Sandy Creek’s Justin Moore is one of the biggest offensive linemen in the state standing 6’4″ and 360 lbs. The mountainous senior is aptly nicknamed such and is one of the strongest players you can find in the state of Georgia.

Just last week against Alexander, Moore tallied 7 pancakes and was voted our Week 3 top offensive lineman. Moore’s senior year is off to a great start and he talked about how everything has gone so far.

“My senior year is going great. I’m actually taking only college courses through dual enrollment classes at GMC. Our team is holding a 3-0 record to date and plans to work hard daily putting in the work. We are looking to continue to build on our success weekly. During week one of GA high school football, we had a record-breaking total rushing yards of 502, surpassing our previous school record, and as a result, our line was voted the best offensive line for GHSF Daily that week,” he said.

That’s some impressive time management for Moore to be taking on college classes on top of being a student-athlete, but it goes to show the work ethic of the senior. Over the last year, Moore feels like he has improved a lot in terms of leadership.

“Within the last year, I feel that my leadership skills have improved. Going from a team that had 30 seniors graduate to a team with only 6 returning starters, all odds seem against us. My big brother role has increased from two to six or more at any given moment on and off the offensive line.”

Moore continued, “It became my responsibility to love and lead my line through this transition just as others had done for me during my freshman year. I feel that my teammates and I have stepped into these roles like champions and that has helped lead us to a 3-0 record against some sizable and talented teams.”

Sandy Creek surprised many in the state when they beat Cedar Grove  21-17 in the 3A state title a year ago. Moore has taken those experiences in 2022 and obviously applied them as a leader here in 2023. Looking forward, Moore obviously wants to get back to the 3A title game, but this year there is an added caveat.

“My goal for the rest of the season, like any other team, is to win another state championship. When our team played in the state championship game last year, it was the most amazing feeling in football that I have ever felt. This year, I’m playing beside my twin brothers who are freshmen and to share that experience with the two of them would be crazy cool and amazing!”

Justin Moore playing with his twin brothers Ryan and Ryland certainly makes for one of the more interesting stories in the state in some time. The unique scenario on top of his starting experience has helped push the senior into a leadership role for the offensive line, so we asked him about the mindset of the unit.

“At my school, the O-Line group is called the Hell Hogs. Our mindset and mentality is to punish anyone who believes that they can line up across from us and beat us. We play No Quarter football at the Creek.”

If you watch his film from Week 3, you see that mindset on full display. Moore gets out his stance and looks to demolish his opponent, continuing to block until the whistle is blown.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Moore is one of the strongest guys you can find in the state. Sporting a 370 lbs. bench press, and a 675 lbs. squat, Moore has the type of strength to move mountains. As of now though, his recruitment has mostly been in the backdrop, but Moore believes in staying the course.

“I’ve had some interest but no offers at this time as it pertains to recruiting. My plan is to continue to lead my line, keeping my hands in the dirt and beat any man that comes across me. I believe that hard work wins in the end and plan to continue working hard until my time comes,” Moore said.

With a 3.47 GPA, a 25 on the ACT, and dual enrollment classes, Moore is doing all the right things to make himself an attractive student-athlete for colleges to pursue. No doubt, his immense size and strength should also factor into his recruitment. He does an excellent job of blocking straight up and getting his hands inside the pads of the defender.

There is a lot to like about Moore, but what strikes us positively the most is just the passion he has for the game. Any observer can tell Moore really enjoys the camaraderie and synergistic aspects of the game. If this article wasn’t evidence enough, there is little doubt in my mind that Moore would be a plus in any college locker room.

For now, his recruitment is in a waiting pattern, but in the meantime Moore will stay focused on the task at hand, repeating as 3A champions. So stay tuned to @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter/X to hear the latest on Moore and players all across the state of Georgia.


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