Freshman Head & Shoulders Above His Peers

Rarely do you see a freshman making an impact like Jackson Head at the tight end position, but take a gander of his midseason film, and you will realize the 2023 student-athlete is a prospect to know. In fact, just last Friday Head made one of the most spectacular plays of the 2019 season.

The River Ridge product ran down the right sideline for a short 15 yard pass, but the ball was a little too high, and for most, would have been out of reach. Not for Head. He leaped up, angled his body to the apex of his jump and made an amazing one-handed catch that was even double-clutched as he came down, but ultimately secured.

It was a breath-taking play that showed off elite ball skills that you never see from a high school freshman, let alone a tight end, and earned Head the #2 spot for Week 9’s Play of the Week. That night against the reigning region champs in Creekview, Head had 5 catches and 72 yards receiving. On the season he has totaled 24 catches and 242 yards, and he seems to be getting better each week. Those numbers are very good for most tight ends in the state, and for a freshman, it puts him in rare air for his graduating class.

“So far the season has been a lot better than our record shows. We fight hard every game and have made drastic improvements,” Head said.

You can definitely see the improvement River Ridge program, just the last few weeks they have gone toe-to-toe with two of the top teams in their region making them must closer than the Maxwell Ratings predicted. It’s not just in the box score, but also on film, and young athletes like Head are definitely adapting to their new surroundings quickly.

“I improved most in really just learning my role as a TE/WR since through all my middle school football career I was a QB, so when I came to high school I had to switch roles pretty quickly.”

Head has transition seamlessly and is already showing flashes of being a big-time tight end recruit. The 6’3″ 190 lbs. freshman is definitely modeling his game after an all-time great at the position.

“I definitely try to model my game after Rob Gronkowski because he’s a big physical pass catcher and blocker when that’s what is needed at the position.”

Obviously, Head’s recruitment has not taken off just yet, after all, he is just a freshman, but he told Recruit Georgia that he has not heard from any programs and has no visits planned yet. It is not going out on a limb to see colleges inviting Head out to events over the next year, the play he made the other day showed elite hand-eye coordination, so stay tuned to @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear more about Head and the latest recruiting news on the class of 2023 tight end.


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