Crosby is a Multisport Star

After starting off the season with a slight stumble, Appling County is quickly becoming one of the preeminent teams in the hunt for the Class 2A State Championship. Helping them to their pivotal win against top 5 ranked Pierce County was the senior receiver, Patrick Crosby.

With Appling County deep on their side of the field down 17-14 late in the 2nd quarter, they were looking for anything to muster up a drive. It was 3rd and 16, QB Dayson Griffis was flushed out of the pocket with his heels in his own endzone. The sophomore threw a dart down the middle to Crosby who quickly got around a tackler and down the left sideline. There the 6’2″ senior strided out, jumping past the defense, and then made a few nifty cutbacks before crossing the endzone.

The touchdown reception was a pivotal moment in the game and helped Appling County to a convincing win against another top-ranked team in 2A. The play earned Crosby a spot in our weekly top plays (even though it was a Week 7 game, but was played on a Monday due to the hurricane) and he was voted into the top 3 plays of the week.

We talked with the senior to hear about this season has gone, and how he has adapted to a new position.

“Senior season is going great! My first game back was Moore Haven so I’ve only played three games. I’ve had 5 catches for 199 yards.” Crosby continued, “I’ve played quarterback all of high school but made the transition to wide receiver this past year so the most thing I’ve improved on is my route running.”

The two-sport star is a standout on the baseball diamond as well. Though his film is impressive for his senior year, Crosby seems to be more focused on baseball at the next level but is also keeping his options open.

“I’m mostly concentrated with baseball but if a football opportunity comes up then I’m all go. I would play both at the next level,” he said.

You can definitely see the highly-coordinated athlete utilize his size and excellent hands as a receiver. Though he is not making a lot of catches each game he has played, he has been very efficient averaging 40 yards per catch. Crosby’s ability to get around tacklers and make plays is eye-catching and last week’s touchdown encapsulates that characteristic the best.

Finishing off his senior year, Crosby has some big goals for his #3 Appling County team to achieve.

“I would love to end my senior year with a state championship with my brothers in football and baseball.”

Crosby will figure to play an important role in realizing both of those goals, that is for sure. It should be an exciting stretch for the senior, who is efficiently putting up great numbers through 3 games, and that should honestly catch the attention of college scouts.

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