Bryan Looking for Breakout Season

Zaquan Bryan is a 2023 athlete that we have known about for a few years now, and heading into his sophomore year he is looking to make an impact at the varsity level that should turn some heads. Going into this season Bryan only had 2 varsity games under his belt, but in last Friday’s game the 2023 recruit totaled 114 yards in the air for a touchdown, and 67 yards on the ground with another touchdown to go along with 10 tackles on defense too.

The 67 yard run is why we are here writing this article. Bryan’s impressive weaving touchdown where he juked in between potential tacklers down the right sideline earned him the top play of Week 1 here in the state. It seemed like in more than one instance that Bryan was going to be stopped, but the quick-footed slot receiver nimbly maneuvered around the would-be tacklers and then it was clear sailing the final 50 yards for a score.

Bryan’s amazing play secured a spot in our top 10, and earned the #1 place with a narrow victory over Montrel Jenkins of North Cobb. It’s obvious that the 2023 athlete has been working hard this offseason, even with the pandemic going on.

“I had a great off season my family owns a youth sports gym and we had to close down so I got to work with the trainer more 1 on 1 with speed and strength training a lot of work out on the beach in the sand lots of foot work drill, so when we started workouts at school I felt I was a step ahead of many others.”

Bryan is a driven athlete for sure with already a lot of accolades in both the football field and baseball diamond. No matter what, the 2023 athlete does his best to excel.

“My drive to be the best on a team full of great players. Our team is full of D1 and D2 players and I try to play at their lever or above and the lost in the state playoffs last year gave me a feeling I don’t want to feel again.”

There are a few athletes that Bryan models his game after, one will definitely be a familiar name for those Benedictine fans who are reading.

“The former University of Alabama WR Harry Riggs and Georgia Southern University RB Wesley Kennedy.”

Both athletes make a lot of sense in comparison to Bryan. The 2023 slot plays a lot like them, and in the Kennedy comparison, he is already showing a lot of the same versatility that the former Cadet great displayed just a few years back now. 

Bryan is certainly a recruit to watch, but only being a sophomore he cannot have direct contact with colleges, especially during a long standing dead period this offseason, which has slowed some recruiting attention that he would have warranted at camps this summer.

“I have been contacted by a lot of Division II schools, and I have heard that some of the division 1 schools have interest in me, but can’t contact me until my junior season, so maybe next season I can give you a better answer.”

We feel confident that his next recruiting update will be promising. Especially if he continues to play like he did Week 1 against Burke Co. With the season still well ahead of him, Bryan has a few goals that he is focused on.

“I to lead the team in receptions and receiving yards and interceptions and help my team make it back to the state playoffs and win the championship!”

That will certainly be a tall order, but this Benedictine team definitely looks prime to make a move this fall deep into the playoffs. They are loaded with skill players, and a P5 caliber QB in Geriner who will have the arduous duty of spreading the ball around to said play-makers. Bryan is certainly set for a nice sophomore campaign, so stay tuned to @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to see the latest highlights and stats on the talented young college prospect.


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