A Week to Remember for ELCA’s Hood

Colton Hood out of Eagle’s Landing Christian has had a most memorable week. He was selected to our weekly top 10 plays on Sunday night and ultimately finished in 2nd place for our 24-hour poll that finalizes Monday night.

Running parallel to the top play vote, and more importantly, was Hood’s college decision where he committed to Michigan State on Monday evening. The 2023 talent talked about his decision to pick the Spartans.

“I picked Michigan State because I believe in coach Tuck and what he is doing at Michigan State and coach Tuck believes in me.”

That mutual faith stretched out to the Michigan State community, whose support was quite evident to our weekly top play vote. The play itself was quite spectacular. Hood went deep on a fly route with the defender draped over. He leaped up and met the ball at its apex, all while the Calvary Day defensive back clung on for dear life. Hood showed off his improved strength, kept his balance while shrugging off the defensive back, and galloped into the endzone for a score.

The incredible play encapsulates all of the work that the senior has put forth over the last year, and demonstrates the explosive improvements he has made.

“I’ve been lifting every day for the most part and eating a lot more protein including shakes and drinking milk.” Hood continued to talk about where he has improved the most from last year, “I’ve gotten faster and stronger and I’ve been more of a student of the game. Watching film watching college and pro guys and taking things they do well from them and adding it to my game.”

Hood was an interception machine last year with 7 picks which earned All-State honors for Class A Private to go along with Region Defensive Player of the Year. If you were to watch his senior film though, you would think he is more of a receiver than a defensive back, but that really just illustrates the versatility that the 6’1″ 175 lbs. senior showcases.

“My senior year has gone well. I haven’t been targeted much so I’ve been getting it done on offense,” Hood said.

Right now, Hood has 12 tackles on the season to go along with a remarkable one-handed interception that nearly made the top 10 plays a few weeks back. On offense, he is staying true to his word with 322 receiving yards, 17 catches, and 6 touchdowns. Unbelievably, he is averaging 1 touchdown for almost every 3 catches he makes.

With the regular season a third of the way finished, Hood outlined his lofty goals for the remainder of the year.

“My main goal is to win state but my personal goal is to show off my versatility as a DB/WR/returner – basically a playmaker. I’m also shooting to be my school’s first 1000-yard receiver and the most interceptions in my school’s history. Finally, I want to end my senior year being recognized as one of the best players in the nation.”

ELCA is definitely at the top of the pecking order in Class 2A (our personal favorite to win it all), so Hood is well positioned to see that goal through. His current receiving trend has Hood on pace for 1000-yards too and that’s not including the playoffs. No doubt, it should be an exciting year with a lot of highlights plays on the horizon for the newly committed Michigan State Spartan, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to see the latest from Hood and athletes from all across the state of Georgia.


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